Centita - Minimalist Business Template

Centita HTML Template now designed with modern minimalist responsive, more professional and elegant. Many features are available, template features many convenient options that will make customization easy and fun

Live Demo:
Centita Minimalist Business Template


  • 4 Homepage Layout
  • Responsive Design
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Working Contact Form

What you get:

  • 27 HTML pages
  • 5 layered PSD Files
  • Documentation File


Leeway Multipurpose One Page Template

Leeway is fully responsive, creative, clean, and multipurpose onepage template with latest web design styles.It has perfect ready to use demos for any type of business like design corporate, agency, modern agency, startup, freelancer, mobile app, business etc.

Monument – Responsive HTML Email + StampReady, MailChimp & CampaignMonitor compatible files


Litmus tested
Three columns layout
Fully responsive
Unique modules
Unlimited colors
Mailchimp ready
StampReady ready
CampaignMonitor ready
Highly optimised code
Well documented
Full-time support

Included files

Clean HTML file
StampReady compatible file
MailChimp compatible file
CampaignMonitor compatible file
PSD Layered File


Apple Mail
Outlook 2003 – 2019
eM Client
Mozilla Thunderbird
Windows Mail
Android Mail
Gmail App Android
Gmail App iOS
Google Inbox
Outlook Android
Outlook iOS
Samsung Mail
AOL web
Gmail web
Office 365

Comments (52)

July 15,2019
How can I make the front page buckets with both page to a box and post to a box use an excerpt or a custom field to allow me to write exactly what I want? Sometimes I don’t want it pulling the first thing on the page.
July 15,2019
Sorry to bother you again but try as I might I can’t find where you put the padding for the main image in the portfolio. Thus I get results like this:
July 15,2019
Hello, I purchased the Centita Minimalist Business theme, and I can not find support anywhere on getting the proper installation procedures. I have tried to upload the files that I downloaded to my FTP account on Godaddy, and I still can not get past the broken them, missing stylesheet errors. I can fond NOTHING on the forums about this, and I paid for this software. Where can I find detailed installation guidelines? What files are supposed to be installed through my FTP client? ( Godaddy) I have 5 folders that came with the download. Fonts, Http, Help, PSD , and Screenshots. I can not figure which files are the proper ones to upload to my FTP server, so that I can INSTALL THIS THEME ….......
July 14,2019
The cufon fonts are not working in IE9 . Can you send a fix please.
July 14,2019
Hi, is there form elements? Like checkbox?
July 14,2019
I got this template last night and I have to say it’s beautiful. I needed to do some adjustments to it and I had troubles doing so because of my limited CSS knowledge.
July 14,2019
I just bought the template, I really like it, you made a very good job!
July 14,2019
I’m working on the site locally and love it. I am having an issue with bottomcontainer.gif coming to the top of the screen. I’ve replaced the nav bar with one of my own and the site isn’t up for testing, but can you point me in the right direction as to what keeps bottomcontainer.gif at the bottom over the footer?
July 14,2019
Thanks for the reply but I’m a little confused at how to move forward with this, I purchased the non wordpress version, can you expand on your comment for me?
July 13,2019
Great design well done. Weird how themeforest javascript in the frame window always makes other js things like the cufon text and other templates which use cu3er look weird and zoomed in though.
July 13,2019
Hi – Any progress on a Word Press theme for this one?
July 12,2019
I really want to buy this theme but I want exactly as in Blog menu tag, and coded to wordpress, like this: http://themeforest.net/item/centita-minimalist-business-template/full_screen_preview/76776
July 11,2019
What’s the font used in this template? is it a free font?
July 10,2019
Nice preview image, like the blur effect.
July 10,2019
Sorry, no other way to contact you.
July 10,2019
On the wordpress version, how do I delete the search box from appearing on the 404 page?
July 09,2019
a:hover is not working (changing colour).
July 09,2019
Nevermind, I fixed it – I was missing a the close to a div tag. No worries – thanks for the great template!
July 08,2019
Ignore my comment.. needs to go to Wordpress one.
July 07,2019
ALSO , (last problem) how do I add another url to the :
July 07,2019
I can’t believe how high the standard is here now! Just this morning – so many!
July 06,2019
How do I remove the “comments are closed” note on the bottom of each post in Centita?
July 03,2019
I love the theme and I have a question. Can I replace the font used for the header, menu navigation, etc. with another font? I’d like to replace the font with a simple web font like Arial.
July 02,2019
I dont get what the ‘xmlHttp.js’ is for ?
July 02,2019
I had set up a clients website using this template and noticed that IE9 doesn’t render it properly.
July 01,2019
Thanks, great theme. Nicely layed out and commented. Thanks for the help too.
June 30,2019
My partner is an artist and this would be perfect for her to show her work, would it be possible for you to remove the blog section, add more pages to the portfolio section and setup the Contact form and how much would you charge for this. Thanks Tom
June 28,2019
Why am I getting this error:
June 27,2019
Thanks for the quick response to my email. I’ve now got it working with yor advice.
June 26,2019
Ok managed to fix the issue
June 25,2019
Loading.gif is missing.. Can you send to me?
June 22,2019
Does the search box work in this file? Thanks!
June 22,2019
Can you please help me with the rollover and hover? The “home” stays blue no matter what page I’m on and it refuses to work when I mess with the css.
June 20,2019
I like this and I’m considering purchasing…
June 20,2019
I’m trying to add more than 8 items on the portfolio page, where there are 4 categories on one page, each with 8 items in them. However, I can’t seem to separate the 8 items into groups based off how you have coded them into the page. Could you please offer some support for those that want more than 8 items on the page?
June 17,2019
Hi I bought this template! It’s great if you have a question so kind to me udust?pnisz php code which will allow you to integrate the functionality of commenting on posts?
June 16,2019
Hello! Thank you for such a nice template. I usually don’t use templates, but I needed to make a website in one day, for Haiti Relief efforts in Puerto Rico, and I decided to use this one. Now I’m a themeforest believer!
June 14,2019
Nice job! I’m very impressed by the quality of templates being offered here lately.
June 13,2019
Where do you set the email address for the contact form to be submitted to?
June 12,2019
Please view www.dreamcabbage.com with latest Firefox browser and you will see the main image banner is off to the right, can you help?
June 12,2019
I’ve noticed the menus don’t show on IE9 . Do you think you’ll fix this?
June 11,2019
Is there any support on this site ? I found my last two comments but so far received no reply. Please assist
June 11,2019
Indonez, how can I change the e-mail adress to where the contact form goes?
June 10,2019
I have another question. How can i control what widgets appear on sub and sub sub pages ?. From the widget area i can drop widgets on top level pages but i cant figure out how to do this on sub and sub sub pages ?
June 08,2019
Hi I purchased this template a while ago and my client asked me, if I can put a color background in the outside of the actual Main Container. I have tried putting a background color in the body tag, but the whole site is still white. Can you give me some advise how I can achieve this? Also wondering how I can fix the grey navigation to 960px. Thanks
June 08,2019
Only if there was a pricing box Anyway, I love it. Thanks!
June 07,2019
I love the template, but need to move the gray horizontal line down, and possibly and increase the width. I emailed you still waiting still waiting on a response.
June 07,2019
I see no gallery.html file inside of the zipped file I download, any idea? Thanks.
June 06,2019
Great looking forward to buy it as a Wordpress theme. When do you think it will be ready?
June 06,2019
Hi I was browsing through the jquery files, and came across what looks to be a ‘drop-down’ style menu functionality. I was wondering what standards I had to follow in the HTML in order to utilise this?
June 05,2019
HI There,
Great theme. I just bought the HTML version and I am liking it.