Equator - Minimalist Business Wordpress Theme 5

Equator template is designed Modern and minimalist template with many features. Minerva comes with two variations homepage, three portfolio and services page of interest. It is packed with useful showcases to have your creative work displayed for customers and clients. With New Features of Wordpress 3.2.x, Equator has been coded to improve capability of the Wordpresss 3.2.x features.

Live demo :
Equator – Minimalist Business Wordpress Theme 5

Features :

  • 2 Homepage Variations
  • 5 Custom Skins (Red, Orange, Green, Black, Blue)
  • 15 custom background pattern
  • Custom Post type for slideshow
  • Support Wordpress 3.x Menu System
  • Post thumbnail support with dynamic image resizing
  • Custom Page templates
  • Portfolio page templates with Pop up Lightbox (support for image and Video type) with categories filter
  • User Friendly Shortcodes
  • Cufon Text Replacement
  • Translation ready (available .po file)
  • Widgetable Sidebar
  • 7 Custom Widgets (Support for Multiple Instance Widget)
  • Built in Ajax Contact Form with validation
  • Valid XHTML
  • Gravatar Support
  • Threaded Comment Support
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Poweful Admin Theme Options
  • XML sample data included
  • PSD Files included
  • Well Documented


1.2 Version (07/12/2015) :
  • Fixed shortcode menu issue in WP editor
  • Updated jQuery prettyPhoto library to 3.1.6 version
  • Removed timthumb script functionality
  • Removed WordPress deprecated functions
1.1 Version (03/02/2012) :
  • Fixed slideshow items order option
  • Fixed backslash in theme options text field
  • Fixed shortcode manager issue with non-english wysiwyg editor
  • Updated timthumb.php to latest version
  • Updated google map library to v3
  • Added search.php file
  • Added more list shortcode


Hosoren - Elegant Ecommerce Drupal Theme

Aside from setting up an online store, the theme also offers layout for blog or portfolio style, lookbook and product catalogue.In addition, Hosoren includes MD AweContent module ($32 saving) that allows you to build advanced layouts for your posts, pages and the homepage of your site using a visual drag and drop editors.

Comments (55)

July 15,2019
And where did you get the cool icons for the services page?
July 13,2019
All products showing the same features in pricing tables, inheriting from the last product added. There seems to be a coding error in pricing.php The function explode seems to be dis-functioning. Also the currency symbols are not showing when changed to Pound Sterling sign, I believe it is to do with cufon fonts. Please help!
July 13,2019
I also got a malware warning from chrome when trying to view the theme. This theme author will not be getting my business because of that. Hope it’s solved for them soon! Good luck with that.
July 13,2019
hey quick question here. is there a way to have the slideshow images not linking somewhere ?
July 13,2019
Can you change the text of “Get A Quote” in the ribbon on the banner?
July 12,2019
Hi, I installed the theme, and I think it’s really a good theme!
I only have a problem with the search results:
When I search something from the search box, I get the homepage with no results.
Is there a way to solve it?
July 11,2019
I have got the Services page to list the services child pages with the following code as per the documentation:
July 11,2019
Hi, like to have other pages with features box, how can I do this?
I’m doing a tourism website, and have 20 rides. Would you like a page with 20 walks in box features. Can you help me?
July 11,2019
I got a malware warning in Safari as well for the theme preview. Have to pass looking at this one …
July 09,2019
Hi Indonez, My site is ready!
Its theme is one of the nicest to me.
one last question,
as per instead of 2 columns Site features for homepage
put 4?
July 08,2019
hey indonez, there is not option from the dashboard ‘homepage’ options to actually change the lorem ipsum text to anything i want. so i’m looking to do it manually. when i inspect element it just tells me it’s
July 08,2019
I sent you a message several weeks ago about the ability to remove the ‘f’ from the top left of the page, and to get the search results to show, but you did not reply.
Could you please help me out?
July 08,2019
How do you add the section where “wordpress google and microsoft” is displayed?
July 07,2019
Hello, congratulations for the first temple built!I only have a problem with the contact page, I can not set the latitude and longitude.how can I do to solve this problem?
July 07,2019
I just want to say both my client and I really love this theme. It is very comprehensive compared to others I have worked with.
July 06,2019
I have fixed it myself, not sure if it is supported by all browsers but here is how:
July 06,2019
My theme is downloading differently than what is shown in the preview. There is no main tool bar where the drop down menus belong.
July 05,2019
“btw indonez, is there a way to remove the latest post appearing on the homepage or do i have to do it through the .css ?” resolved. i just realized it was pulling from testimonials..
July 05,2019
Sorry guys, was my fault. No problem with TinyMCE. Template is ok!
July 04,2019
Before I purchase this theme I noticed that search doesn’t work on the demo and a couple people have posted about search not working. Will I have this same issue if I download the current version?
July 04,2019
Hi there, I’m having a problem creating new pages, every time I click on add new, the screen gets dark and I can’t click anywhere, and it happens only with this template, I tried others and they work perfectly, can you help me, please?
My WP is 4.1
July 04,2019
I get a malware warning from chrome when trying to view the theme.
July 03,2019
Hey that worked! I tried that before but it didn’t work the first time … hmmm weird. Cool, thanks.
July 01,2019
there is a smal “f” in the upper left hand corner of my pages http://mesaninc.com/blog/ can you tell me what i Did or where it would be in the code.
June 30,2019
Why is the “post page” shortcode not allowing these post thumbnails to actually link to the posts? It seems to just show the posts but there is no link to click?
June 30,2019
Hi Indonez the sub-menu width is fixed 135px, and a longer text goes to the next line and looks very messy, can you tell me how to make it auto width? any tips with CSS?
June 29,2019
Hello. Awesome theme. I am just trying to change the menu bar’s color from its default grey?
June 26,2019
I have a problem with visual editor. A pop up with an OK button appear everytime i try to edit a post and i can’t do anything. What is the problem?
Wordpress 3.9.2
June 26,2019
btw indonez, is there a way to remove the latest post appearing on the homepage or do i have to do it through the .css ?
June 26,2019
i see now thanks for your help
June 25,2019
I have added images to the home page feature boxes and they are not showing up, can you help please
June 25,2019
Indonez, I have a serious problem, the blog disappeared from the menu, as do I for it back?
June 24,2019
Hi the contact page is not displaying the Google Map. In the equator admin the Contact Info tab doesn’t give me a box to enter the Google Map API , only the longitude and latitude
June 23,2019
is there i way i can make the header section bigger to fit the size of my logo?
June 22,2019
My search bar is not working either. Please send me the quick fix.
June 20,2019
Hi, I love the look of the template and I’ve purchased it, but I’ve tried installing it over and over again and it doesn’t seem to load correctly on my server. Have just sent you a private message with my log-in details. Hopefully it’s just something simple that I can fix! Look forward to hearing from you. Mike
June 20,2019
How do I get the main navigation menu to show up? I’ve created a menu under Appearance > Menus, populated it with links, and yet nothing appears on the homepage. There’s no link in the Equator settings for me to choose which menu I’d like to use for my navigation?
June 19,2019
how do i change the go-to url for the “get a quote” call to action button on the top banner??
June 18,2019
Hello, I’m having a problem with the letter “f” showing up on the upper left side of all my Equator wp pages, How can I get rid of this?
June 17,2019
Hey Indonez, Just a quick heads up you have the letter “f” at the top left of your theme on the demo site.
June 17,2019
Hi. I’ve just downloaded the theme and uploaded to my ftp in the correct themes folder but its not showing up. Where can I find documentation? Thanks
June 17,2019
i just downloaded equator. i must agree that better documentation could be available but overall this is really good. i haven’t got any malware warnings..
June 16,2019
Great Design. Does the theme come with example content?
June 16,2019
I just bought your theme, But when I upload it on WP (Zip file), it doesn’t work:
The error goes like this:
June 15,2019
Hey indonez, from where can I change the default text for the ‘contact us’ paragraph (contact-left) ? Thank you
June 14,2019
Can I see the shade of green before I purchase?
June 14,2019
How can I get my menus to display in the order I want them in and NOT alphabetically? What do I put in the “display order”?
June 14,2019
@mdevaney, Aw_Shucks, jnozzi, jeenie : not sure what causing this problem, I will check this in my demo site.
June 13,2019
I am having the same issue as DominiqueVaz. I also logged onto the support site and several others are having this problem as well. Is there an updated theme that is compatible with WP 4.1?
June 12,2019
How do I go about changing the Cufon font? I tried downloading a cufon .js file from http://www.cufonfonts.com/en/font/12051/corbel and putting it in the js/fonts subfolder.
June 11,2019
Hey indonez, what about the search form ? does it not work ?
June 10,2019
Hi There, just purchased the theme few hours ago. Seems working fine except I can’t get the home page slide show up. I have posts and pages in my blog but the slide show doesn’t pick up any of them. Do I need to enable something in the admin panel?
June 10,2019
Hi indonez, thanks for help, but now I have another problem:
equator template breaks my TinyMCE (visual editor); if I install another template it works, but when I activate yours no editor loads and the text in text box appear white on white (it occurs in both, the downloaded theme and the one you sent me).
Please help!
June 08,2019
I have also added main slide and I see a broken image link and not the slide, please help. To add a second slide I just do the “add new” correct?
June 05,2019
Your demo is infected with a Trojan virus // http://themeforest.net/item/equator-minimalist-business-wordpress-theme-5/full_screen_preview/477536