Whitewall HTML DESIGN 6-in-1

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This template is more than just a framework: it contains a highly customized, in-depth Colobox framework. It is best suited for a business, company, portfolio site, blog, as well as many more common websites. The code is heavily commented for easy navigation

Whitewall 6+ Main Features

  • All pages are built on the Blueprint Framework and Colorbox.
  • The Index page includes a jQuery Custom Slider that is very customizable and easy to follow.
  • All pages reference the Colorbox Plugin. Colorbox is an awesome framework and is used heavily in this design.
    • Don’t worry; if you have never used Colorbox before it is very easy to manipulate/use.
  • Heavily commented code for easy code navigation and flow.
  • Custom designed Case Study pages found on the Portfolio Page
    • Based on Colorbox and when the portfolio entry is clicked a “Case Study” box overlays with a white opacity.
  • 5+ Unique Page Layouts
    • More page layouts found in Colorbox pop-ins.
    • Custom Font using Cufon.
    • Layered PNG Files Included
      • Don’t hate on Fireworks, these files open in Photoshop layered, also.
    • Compatible in (IE 6, IE 7 , IE 8, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)
    • 6 Different Color Schemes

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