Ellisium - A Business Minded Tumblr Theme

Ellisium - A Business Minded Tumblr ThemeEllisium - A Business Minded Tumblr Theme

Ellisium - A Business Minded Tumblr Theme

Ellisium is a blogging Tumblr theme with a corporate bent. With its clean and open layout, Ellisium is the perfect companion for your business’ main website.

Ellisium includes a very customizable homepage slider that gracefully adapts to smaller screens—perfect to showcase your products and services.

The homepage allows you to display up to four Services blocks, and you can choose between bitmap or webfont icons.

Ellisium also includes “Call to Action” and “Page Hero” sections to grab your visitors attention, a smart sticky sidebar, and a lot more.

Ellisium - A Business Minded Tumblr Theme

Ellisium - A Business Minded Tumblr ThemeEllisium - A Business Minded Tumblr ThemeEllisium - A Business Minded Tumblr Theme

Ellisium - A Business Minded Tumblr Theme

Homepage Slider

Ellisium comes with a versatile homepage slider that lets you feature images, alongside a short title and description, plus a “click me” button, for each one of the slides. It adapts well to mobile so your content is never hard to read, and you can position your images to the right or left, or have them cover the whole slide. It’s powered by the awesome FlexSlider and it’s touch friendly.

Retina Ready

Ellisium uses webfont icons for most of its interface, and high resolution image sprites for a few elements, so your website will look awesome and crisp on any device.

Smart Sticky Sidebar

The sticky sidebar on the left side keeps you company as you scroll down the page and it degrades gracefully on small screens, turning itself into a masonry arrange of widgets below your important content and, of course, it can be disabled at any time.

Pinned Footer

You can optionally “pin” the footer, so it hides behind the main content and it’s revealed as you reach the bottom of the page. This behaviour is enable by default but you can choose to deactivate if you prefer a more traditional footer.

Responsive, Flexible Navigation

The navigation bar gracefully turns into a stylish multi level dropdown menu below a certain screen width, which you can even define yourself.

Services Blocks

You can display up to four services blocks, each with their own bitmap or webfont icon, title, description and clickable button. You can upload your own bitmap icons, or choose from 48 glyphs from the Linecon icon set, which is included out of the box.

Page Hero and Call-to-Action

These blocks of content are useful to greet and engage your visitors. You can display the “call-to-action” block with a clickable button, below the homepage slider. The page hero can be shown on permalinks pages or, if you choose not to use the slider, on the index page as well.

Touch Device Friendly Image Lightbox

You can optionally open your images—on photo and photoset posts—using the included touchTouch plugin, one of the best lightbox solutions for both desktop and mobile devices

Widgets Galore

Ellisium includes the following widgets: search, about, browse (tags), twitter, flickr, dribbble and instagram feeds, social, ask, and up to three text widgets you can use to display contact information or to enter custom code or buttons. Widgets are displayed by default on the right sidebar, but you can move them to the footer individually and even set the order in which they appear.

Sharing Made Easy

Each post can have its own interactive buttons, which include: “like”, “reblog”, and a “share” button that allows you to send the post to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and for relevant post types, Pinterest.

Photosets As Sliders

You photosets will display as image sliders, and images can be viewed in their entire glory using the lightbox. You can choose to have the regular “rectangular dots” controls or the “image thumbnails” navigation for the post sliders.

Ellisium also includes:

  • Google Web Fonts for headings other prominent blocks of text.
  • User created pages.
  • Disqus commenting system on permalink pages.
  • Custom user defined items on the navigation menu.
  • Normal and high definition image logo with type fallback if you fail to upload an image for the logo.
  • Compatibility with most modern browsers, including Internet Explorer 8.

Ellisium - A Business Minded Tumblr Theme

v1.1.0 March 27, 2015

  • Changed: Homepage slider, services blocks and call-to-action are hidden now on ‘tagged’ and ‘search’ pages.
  • New: Optionally hide the Homepage slider, services blocks and call-to-action on index pages other than the first one.
  • New: Added proper headings for ‘tagged’ and ‘search’ pages.
  • New: Optionally show individual (custom) page heroes on pages and posts.
  • Other minor fixes.

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Comments (14)

July 15,2019
Hi! I love the theme! I’m just having a couple issues. When viewing my site on mobile, the nav menu dropdowns bounce up and down so you can’t really see or choose the options in the dropdowns. Is there a fix for this?
July 11,2019
I cannot find where to change the color of the Page Hero Content. I looked everywhere in the theme settings. Do we have to change it by CSS ?
July 10,2019
Is there an updated installation guide? The one I’m following seems outdated. TUMBLR Settings have changed. And directions with TextEdit 1.9 on Mac don’t match your directions. I’m stuck.
July 09,2019
I can’t seem to be able to make the Instagram photos show up! I put in the access token but it doesn’t seem to work. My Instagram ID is brandmentalist. Can you please help?
July 08,2019
Hi, I have been using your theme for a while now and it has worked great! I just have a little question… I want to make the images in my posts larger, where can I change that? I have been trying to do it for a while and can’t seem to get it done.
July 02,2019
I have purchased this theme for a client. The client loves the theme but apart for one issue. When seeing tags he would prefer for the slider and service blocks NOT to be shown. It’s weird that the slider and service blocks are presented AGAIN to the user when he’s seeing a post page or a tag page. http://blog.qinergy.com/tagged/capteur
June 30,2019
Hello, this one may sound silly but, here it goes:
I want the Slider Buttons to open in a new page (target = blank) when clicked. I use this theme a blog for the main company site, so we want the user to open a new page and go to our main site when they click on the slider buttons.
June 30,2019
Hi, do you know a trick to allow to put a title to photo and video posts in Tumblr ? I’ve been looking all over.
Great theme by the way
June 23,2019
I am considering buying the ellisium theme but I was wondering if you would be willing to post this shopify code into a text post on your ellisium demo so I could see what my shopify widget will look like if I buy the theme?
June 21,2019
Hello, is the slider adjustable in it’s height so that it looks more like on the “Supple”-Theme (= not as huge as in the “Ellisium” demo)?
June 15,2019
A small glitch in your otherwise great theme.
When anonymous ask is enabled. This is what happens to the Ask button.
June 12,2019
I would like to add a tag cloud somewhere in the sidebar or below, but I do not see that widget in the settings. Can you advise how to add a tag cloud that automatically list all the tags used on the blog ?
June 07,2019
Hello, I just bought your theme. It’s great but how do I change the order of the menu items on the navigation bar? I want to move the Ask Me Anything link at the very right while moving the Browse menu closer to the home button.
June 07,2019
Hello, I searched for the word “population” in your demo theme, it was not found. Resulted in a blank space where the results are supposed to be.
When I search for a word in my blog, it’s not found either, unless it’s in the title. Is that a bug ?