Asthana Realty Joomla! Template

This is a conversion template from Asthana Realty PSD Template into Joomla! 1.5 template.
The PSD version can be bought separately in here.

A simple and clean template and suitable for company profile for any purposes such as realty or property company, university or school or may be just a personal branding blog website.


  • Template (Rumi Framework latest version and Skin)
  • Quick Start; is a package file that included all the files needed to install Joomla!1.5 latest stable version with template, components, modules and plugins, also the SQL sample data as content just like the demo showcase.


  • This template has been successfully tested in Joomla! 1.5 CMS latest version 1.5.15
  • Based on Rumi Framework 1.0 (more info about Rumi Framework please visit
  • Use 1kbgrid ( as Grid Framework with 12 columns, 60 pixels each and 20 pixel gutter
  • 2 columns layout
  • Support 10 module positions
  • 50 base module positions in the Rumi Framework core and can be easily extended to add more
  • Table-less HTML overrides
  • Browser compatibilities: Firefox, IE7, IE8, Opera, Safari, Chrome
  • More features info based on Rumi Framework can be found at

Krish | Kids Care WordPress Theme

Kindergarten & Preschool WordPress theme

Krish, vibrant school education and kids education WordPress theme.Create kids WooCommerce, kids WordPress, kids zone, kids life, kids world, kids club, kids shop, kindergarten WordPress, playschool, play school, kindergarten WordPress theme, child care, preschool, private school, elementary school, primary school, school WordPress, school education, school website, high school

Krish comes with 4 styles of home pages besides the blog and portfolio.

Roxen Responsive Newsletter HTML Template

Please send any inquiries related to use of html docs for your templates or support


Mobile responsive
Hamburger menu in mail
Main banner
Middle banner
Horizontal banner
Single product display
Dual product display
Triple product display
Transactional Mailings
Unsubscribe mailing
Birthday mailing
PSD Include
Extensive documentation
Excellent customer support
Duplicate or delete modules


Gmail *
Yahoo Mail
Apple Mail
Microsoft Outlook *
Mozilla Thunderbird
Yahoo Mail

SellBook - Responsive eBook Template

SellBook is a template used for sell of your book that built with very cool responsive template, cool design, clean template, elegant color and a slew of features.This template completed with 2 layouts and 8 colors option that you can choose your own.

Astro - Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Focused on displaying your content in the best way possible and making things straightforward for both you and your visitors, Astro is a fuss-free WordPress theme.Astro is responsive and flexible with endless customization options including layouts, fonts and colors, allowing you to make your website your own.

Comments (10)

July 15,2019
Can you please add a drop down menu to your demo, Just want to see it. Thanks
July 12,2019
Logo isn’t showing for some reason. How about some help?
July 12,2019
Hi, I just installed the template, but the logo couldnt be displayed.
July 08,2019
Could you update this template, so that it the orange header is a module, that is only displayed on the front page? Would be very much appreciated!
July 01,2019
Logo isn’t showing for some reason. How about some help?
June 30,2019
The logo is incorrectly mapped. I’m trying to figure out which file holds this code. Any help would be much appreciated since we all bought this template!
June 28,2019
I know the last person that asked about the logo was 7 months ago with no response. I just posted about where to change the image mapping so it will show up. I just found it. Here you go:
June 12,2019
I have a question if i want to create another database name that is not db_user and use que quick installation how i do this
June 12,2019
guys I just bought Asthana template, can’t wait to get it going, but when I rain the install, all I got is the Rumi Framework, I have no idea how I’m supposed to activate whichever modules to make this come alive as it should—There clearly needs to be some comprehensive documentation for this . . . looking at this thread, it seems like a lot of anecdotal comments about a series of common issues . . . not to mention some of the youtube links and so on, are non existent, HELP !
June 06,2019
@patenko: To me it all looked very complicated in the beginning. But after getting the idea of the rumi framework etc it turned out to be very easy actually. However, if your Apache etc. is configured correct then you will only have to activate the Theme itself by going to “Templates”, click on the rumiframework (it is a link in the list) and there activate the Skin. If the skin is not available either your Server isn’t configured right or you installed the framework-only version which is in the zip also