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July 05,2019
Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale
July 04,2019
I got this error, how do I fix?
July 02,2019
Cannot open C:\xampp\tmp\ thats error not installed
July 01,2019
Hi there. Do you have any documentation on the shortcodes available in this theme? I can’t seem to find it in the docs provided.
July 01,2019
I have sent few questions via facebook page, i havent got any answer? Would like to ask few pre sales questions. Etc. Do you offer customization? Is there demo site to log as admin to look demo settings etc?
July 01,2019
I bought a theme from this provider about a week ago and I can’t be more disappointed: The theme includes a (large) number of modules, and some of them are breaking my site (I’m not sure which one, as it’s not suddently that the site breaks). Some of those modules (several of them) are in alpha and beta stages, and some of these haven’t been updated in almost two years (meaning the authors don’t intend to update them at all), and this is a severe security vulnerability. This theme doesn’t include a demo site, so there’s no way to know how to make it work. You’re just left alone in front of that bunch of old and (some dangerous) modules, with no instructions at all (the provided documentation is quite useless). And the worst part, I asked for a refund and I haven’t been replied by these guys. So take my advice and look somewhere else, otherwise you’d be purchasing a nice but useless piece of code, and wasting your time and your money.
June 29,2019
very nice work on this, fantastic i wish you best sales and a nice weekend
June 25,2019
Hello Drupalet I’ve contacted you by email haven’t gotten a responds, with the existing website installation. Please respond as soon as possible.
June 25,2019
Hi there. Is it possible to add a video in the home carrousel instead a picture?
June 19,2019
I contacted you a few days ago about an issue with changing background images on the Apare theme blocks – could you check your support inbox and reply asap please.
June 11,2019
I got this error, how do I fix?