Bostan Business - Business Theme

Bostan is a multi-purpose Retina Responsive wordpress theme built with bootstrap, you can use it for creating business website for agency or promoting your services, it comes with power full features, drag and drop page builder, advanced option panel, and unlimited colors to help you easily customize it the way you want to fit your need, you can switch bostan between 1200px grid if you need wide business theme or 960px grid if you need narrow one, you can have it boxed or fluid , the flexibility and usability of this theme will amaze you. Bostan Business - Business Theme Bostan Business - Business Theme Bostan Business - Business Theme


  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Retina Ready
  • 960px & 1200px Width
  • Visual Composer ( Free )
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder
  • Unlimited Colors & Fonts
  • Advanced Option Panel
  • Translation & WPML Ready
  • 2 Layouts, boxed/fluid
  • Revolution Slider (15$)
  • Isotope Portfolio Filter (25$)
  • Fontawesome Vector Icons (For Retina Display)
  • Great and Useful Shortcodes
  • All Google Fonts Included
  • Posts Formats
  • Projects Carousel
  • Team Members Carousel
  • Clients Carousel
  • Testimonials Carousel
  • Touch Friendly
  • Pricing Table
  • XML Demo Data included (doesn’t include menus, sidebars and sliders)


Version 6.60 3-2-2019

- Compatibility with WP 5.x.
- Fix Page Title holder issue.
- Improvements in loading speed.
- Add Team members page options.
- Add option to hide page title holder at projects.
- Include WPBakery Page Builder plugin update 5.6.
- Include Slider Revolution plugin update
- Minor improvements and fixes.

Version 6.57 – 21-9-2018

- Fix portfoilio loading issue.
- Fix Show All translation issue.
- Fix twitter connection issue.
- Include WPBakery Page Builder plugin update 5.5.4.
- Minor improvements and fixes.

Version 6.56 – 4-8-2018

- Add Option for Projects Filter Links.
- Include Revolution Slider plugin update 5.4.8.
- Include WPBakery Page Builder plugin update 5.5.2.
- Minor improvements and fixes.

Version 6.55 – 12-6-2018

- Add Team Members page.
- Add Clients page.
- Add option to text block at Page Builder & WPBakery Plugin for text format issues.
- Include Revolution Slider plugin update
- Add option to set projects number at portfolio page options.
- Minor improvements and fixes.

Version 6.54 – 25-4-2018

- Add option to change number of projects to show per slide in other projects.
- Add option to set custom page title holder background for single projects.
- Add option for general custom page title holder background for portfolio & projects.
- Add option to set post gallery banner as revolution slider.

Version 6.53 – 12-4-2018

- Improvements in page options layout.
- Add upload button to custom page holder background url field.
- Minor fixes.

Version 6.52 – 4-4-2018

- Fix icon issue in tabs & accordions in WPBakery page builder.

Version 6.51 – 3-4-2018

- Add subsets option to fonts options.
- Add option to set number of testimonials per one slide.
- Add option to set Other Members phrase.
- Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 6.50 – 18-3-2018

- Update WPBakery Page Builder plugin to v5.4.7.
- Update Revolution Slider plugin to v5.4.7.2.
- Fix tabs class issue with UTF8 characters.
- Improve image url fields in Page Builder.
- Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 6.491 – 14-2-2018

- Fix error when page saved.

Version 6.49 – 14-2-2018

- Fix Package pricing features to include non-latin characters.
- Fix Social Media bar custom color on mobile.
- Include Revolution Slider update v5.4.7.
- Add option to use Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs instead of default Bostan breadcrumbs.
- Add Dropdown menu to Page Builder to set blocks width.
- Add Single Team Member pages feature.
- Add Option To Link Team Members to Their Single Pages.
- Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 6.48 – 13-1-2018

- Include WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) Update v 5.4.5.
- Include Slider Revolution Update v
- Fix preview single project with post format.
- Add RTL Style.
- Add Search Scope Option.
- Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 6.47 – 18-11-2017

- Include WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) Update v 5.4.4.

Version 6.46 – 16-11-2017

- Compatibility with Wordpress 4.9.
- Include WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) Update v 5.4.3.
- Include Revolution Slider Update v
- Improvements in Demo Slider on smaller screens.
- Improvements in Mobile Menu.
- Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 6.45 – 7-11-2017

- Fix Search bar at IE9+.
- Fix Sticky bar at IE9+.
- Improve sticky header on mobile.
- Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 6.44 – 29-10-2017

- Improve search bar actions.

Version 6.43 – 28-10-2017

- Add Top bar social icons hover effect option.
- Add search to top bar option.
- Enable rich text in copyright text option.
- Minor Fixes and Improvements.

Version 6.42 – 19-10-2017

- Add option to hide social share on images popup (PrettyPhoto).
- Add option to direct image links to external preview url to portfolio carousel.
- Include Visual Composer update v5.4.2.
- Include Revolution Slider update v5.4.6.2.
- Minor Fixes and Improvements.

Version 6.41 – 9-10-2017

- Add One Click Demo Import to import demo better.
- Fix icon height at Services boxes.
- Add icon picker to services boxes Visual Composer options.
- Add Toggle Visual Composer Block.
- Add Accordion Shortcode.
- Add Accordion Visual Composer Block.
- Add Icon Option to tabs & Toggles & Accordions Titles.
- Add icon family option to icon shortcode.
- Add icon color option to icon shortcode.
- Fix Clients Carousel Shortcode.
- Add Icon List to menu options.
- Edit Projects Carousel shortcode.
- Add Shadow Separator Shortcode.
- Add Title Divider VC Block.
- Fix width at map shortcode.
- Fix Full Width row at Visual Composer.
- Add Alerts shortcode to visual composer blocks.
- Add Button shortcode to visual composer blocks.
- Include Visual Composer update v5.3.
- Include Revolution Slider update v5.4.6.1.
- Add option to hide page title.
- Add option to show meta at bloglist block (PageBuilder & VC).
- Add Demo Pages as templates to VC.
- Add Icon Picker to Menus edit page.
- Add option to set top space for page builder template.
- Minor Fixes and Improvements.

Version 6.40 – 15-6-2017

- Fix Alert shortcode title.
- Fix Font links ssl issue.
- Fix Revolution Slider Import Issue.
- Fix Portfolio Filter Pages.
- Improve projects carousel.
- Major Improvements to portfolio filter tags.
- Add Menu Class option to menu settings.
- Include Visual Composer update v5.1.1
- Include Revolution Slider update v5.4.5.1
- Compatibility with Wordpress v4.8.

Version 6.31 – 2-3-2017

- Fix projects carousel issue at mobile and tablet.
- Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 6.30 – 28-2-2017

- Include Revolution Slider update v5.3.1.5
- Update FontAwesome v4.7.0.
- Fix project page layout.
- Fix no results search page.
- Major improvements to post formats support.
- Improve video links handling.
- Add ability to organise post gallery items (add, order, delete items).
- Add global pages options.
- Add options to show/hide posts meta info items (date, comments, categories, tags).
- Add options to show/hide posts navigation.
- Add options to show/hide projects navigation.
- Add options to show/hide project overview.
- Add option to change (Live Preview) link text at projects.
- Add option to show/hide projects meta info (date, tags).
- Add option to set projects thumbnails height at projects carousel.
- Add option to make email and phone header info linkable.
- Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 6.22 – 10-12-2016

– Include Visual Composer update v5.0.1.
– Fix Page title issue.
– Fix Projects and Clients title at shortcodes.
– Compatibility with Wordpress 4.7.
– Add Categories option to ‘Bostan – Posts list’ widget.
– Add order, number of items to show per slide and autoplay options to clients carousels.
– Add order and autoplay options to projects carousel.
– Add order and autoplay options to team carousel.
– Add order option to blog list carousel.
– Add option to rename projects link.
– Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 6.21 – 23-11-2016

– Include Revolution Slider update v5.3.0.
– Include Visual Composer update v5.0.
– Add option to load default fonts locally instead of Google Fonts CDN.
– Add categories option to bloglist blocks at Page Editor and Visual Composer.
– Fix clients carousel link at Visual Composer.
– Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 6.20 – 11-10-2016

– Add tags option to portfolio pages.
– Minor Fixes and Improvements.

Version 6.19 – 10-10-2016

– Fix Facebook subscribe widget issue.
– Fix title conflict with YOAST SEO issue.
– Include Visual Composer Version 4.12.1.
– Add feature to disable PrettyPhoto plugin (image popup when clicked).
– Add option to include FontAwesome Icons.
– Add option to change Read More pharse at bloglist block and shortcode.
– Minor Fixes and Improvements.

Version 6.18 – 8-8-2016

– Fix icon mail color.
– Improve title size at mega menu.
– Fix page holder color at theme options.
– Add option to set number of projects to be shown at mega menu.
– Add widgets block to Page Builder (to be used at mega menus).

Version 6.17 – 25-7-2016

– Fix project titles border skin color option.
– Fix padding at mobile.
– Fix team member social icons colors.
– Fix disappearing logo on retina screens.
– Add target=”_blank” to team members social links and clients links.
– Include Revolution Slider v5.2.6.

Version 6.16 – 19-6-2016

– Improve Mobile menu.
– Fix comments reply issue.
– Fix calling empty favicon.
– Include Revolution Slider v5.2.5.4.

Version 6.15 – 13-6-2016

– Fix sticky header sliding issue.
– Fix archives.php issue.
– Include Revolution Slider Update v5.2.5.3.
– Include Visual Composer Update v4.12.

Version 6.14 – 1-6-2016

– Fix extra padding at mobile.
– Fix Subscribe shortcode.
– Improve mobile menu.
– Fix incorrect height at carousel and portfolio.
– Minor fixes.

Version 6.13 – 25-5-2016

– Fix issue at import demo.

Version 6.12 – 14-5-2016

– Include Slider Revolution v5.2.5.1 (update from Appearance > Install Plugins).
– Improve Sticky Header.
– Fix Twitter account at subscribe widget.
– Minor Fixes and Improvements.

Version 6.11 – 1-5-2016

– Compatibility with Wordpress 4.5.
– Include Visual Composer v4.11.2.1 (Deactivate plugin before updating.)
– Include Slider Revolution v5.2.5 (update from Appearance > Install Plugins).
– Fix 1200 width layout (Appearance > Theme Options > Layout Settings).
– Fix Boxed Style (Appearance > Theme Options > Layout Settings).
– Add Option to hide Posts Meta Info and Posts Type Icon (Appearance > Theme Options > Posts Settings).
– Minor Fixes and Improvements.

Version 6.10 – 6-4-2016

– Fix Facebook Subscribe.
– Improve Mega Menu style.
– Included Revolution Slider V5.2.3.5 (Update from Appearance > Install Plugins).
– Included Visual Composer V4.11.1 ((Deactivate plugin before updating.)
– Minor Fixes and Improvements.

Version 6.0 – 27-2-2016

- Added: Mega Menu Options to Menu Items.
- Added: Menu Icon Option to Menu Items.
- Included: Revolution Slider V5.1.6.
- Included: Visual Composer V4.10.

- Minor Fixes and Improvements. Version 5.5 – 22-1-2016

- Added: General project options to theme panel.
- Fixes: Significant bug and security fixes.

Version 5.4 – 19-1-2016

- Added: Posts options to theme options panel.
- Fixes: Significant bug and security fixes.

Version 5.3 – 17-1-2016

- Added: Hover/Active links color feature.
- Fixed: Read More button hover.

Version 5.2 – 08-1-2016

- Added: Support Wordpress 4.4.
- Added: Standard blog post show featured image in blog page.
- Added: Translation to project page.
- Updated: TGM Plugin updated.
- Fixed: Post list thumbnails issue.
- Fixed: Comments layout issue.

Version 5.1 – 23-11-2015

- Added: 1 Click demo importer added to theme options.
- Added: Plugins removed from package and now installable via TGM plugin.
- Fixed: Aqua page builder block height issue
Version 5.0 – 19-11-2015

- Added: All blocks are now available in shortcodes too.
- Added: Visual Composer page builder included.
- Added: Blocks available in visual composer.
- Fixes: Significant bug and security fixes.

Version 4.0 – 04-11-2015

- Fixed: Prettyphoto security issue fixed.
- Fixed: Revolution Slider updated.
- Improved: Page builder improved.
- Improved: Many style improvements.
- Updated: Bootstrap classes updated.
- Updated: Projects carousel style updated.
- Updated: Admin panel updated and improved.
- Updated: Widget updated to new Wordpress rules.
- Fixed: Security and vulnerability fixes.

Version 3.2 – 13-02-2014

- Fixed: Fix issue with project carousel and client carousel.
- Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.2 – 13-02-2014

- Fixed: Missed translation variables.
- Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.12 – 11-02-2014

- Fixed: Option to hide page title in blog and portfolio pages.
- Fixed: Fourth level sub menu.
- Fixed: RSS button opens in new tab.
- Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.1 – 04-02-2014

- Added: Option to change portfolio icon to link instead of lightbox.
- Improved: Projects and Clients carousel.
- Improved: Image block improved.
- Fixed: Social icons titles.
- Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.0 – 09-10-2013

- Added: Option to disable page title holder for different pages and posts.
- Fixed: Latest tweets widget is now working with new twitter api.
- Added: Page builder image block (no uploader yet).
- Changed: client url opens in new tab.
- Fixed: Image post align left, right, center issue.
- Fixed: Columns shortcodes are now responsive.
- Added: Options to translate some theme words.
- Changed: Social icons url opens in new tab.
- Fixed: Blue color appear even if now social icons in header.
- Added: Flickr icon added to social icons.
- Updated: Revolutions slider updated to latest version.

Version 2.6 – 16-09-2013

- Added: Option to add different title background for different pages.
- Improved: Speed Improvements.

Version 2.5 – 02-09-2013

- Added: Options to disable breadcrumb.
- Added: Options to disable sticky header.
- Fixed: Service block support HTML code.
- Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.4 – 24-07-2013

- Added: Options to change action button and social icons area color.
- Fixed: Skin color issue with firefox.

Version 2.3 – 17-07-2013

- Added: Option to change top margin of the main menu.
- Fixed: Portfolio tags conflict with theme classes.
- Fixed: Clients carousel shows wrong number.
- Fixed: Service button color doesn’t change with skin color.
- Fixed: Font size and line height don’t change from typography options.

Version 2.2 – 11-07-2013

- Added: Option to filter blog posts list block by tags.
- Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.1 – 09-07-2013

- Fixed: Responsive issue for tablet and mobile view.

Version 2.0 – 07-07-2013

- New Feature: Option to switch between 960px (narrow) and 1200px (wide) layouts.
- Fixed: Clients url points to the current page.
- Fixed: 3rd level menu issue.
- Fixed: Some shortcodes issue.
- Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.1 – 2-07-2013

- New Feature: Unlimited custom sidebars.
- Added: Option to filter portfolio carousel block by tags.
- Added: Option to hide rss icon from header.
- Fixed: Service icon is not pointing to url.
- Fixed: Clients block heading title doesn’t change.
- Fixed: Service image padding issue.
- Fixed: Text logo url issue.
- Fixed: Minor bug fixes.
- Updated: Revolution Slider updated to version 3.0.3

Version 1.0.6 – 29-06-2013

- Added: White space block, to add empty spaces between rows.
- Added: Option to change page title text to white or black.
- Added: Option to change the buy now text.
- Fixed: $ sign removed from pricing package.
- Fixed: Minor bug fixes.
- Fixed: Responsive action button issue.
- Fixed: Pages meta info style issue.

Version 1.0.5 – 28-06-2013

- Fixed: Sticky menu goes under youtube videos.
- Fixed: Fonts option resets automatically.
- Updated: Documentations Updated.

Version 1.0.4 – 26-06-2013

- Added: More social icons added (Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Pinterest, 500PX, Github).

Version 1.0.3 – 26-06-2013

- Added: Option to open action button in same tab.
- Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.0.2 – 25-06-2013

- Added: Select custom background for site.
- Fixed: Replace body border with shadow (For boxed layout).
- Fixed: Minor bug fixes.
- Added: XML Demo Data Added to Package (doesn’t include menus, sidebars and sliders)
- Updated: Slider Revolution Updated to the newest version.

Version 1.0.1 – 24-06-2013

- Fixed: Featured image box doesn’t exist.
- Fixed: Boxed layout option doens’ exist.
- Fixed: Minor bug fixes.


All images used in demo site were purchased from Photodune.

Hotte - Take Away Food Elementor Template Kit

Hotte – Take Away Food PSD Template that perfectly designed for Street Food, Food Court, Bakery, Pastry Shop, Coffee Shop, Tea Stoll, Catering Service any Food business and personal Chef take way food business websites.Hotte comes with 06 unique homepage styles, about page, contact page, chefs page, blog, blog details, 404 page and more than 16 sections ready to use with Elementor.

Comments (451)

July 16,2019
Hi Ahmed: trying to upload Bostan into WP4.6 – the upload themes box only offers option to upload a .zip file, but it fails whenever I attempt to do that, either with the themeforest….zip or – what to do next?
July 15,2019
Can i make a new page of clients without carrousel, only logotype?
July 15,2019
In the page builder, in particular with the “service” boxes, no HTML can go in the content? Why is this? HTML can go in the “text” box, but not “services” box?
July 15,2019
Where can i translate the ‘PROJECT SKILLS’
July 15,2019
Hey mate, dont understand…
NO page tempalte for team members?
July 15,2019
where in web i can delete $ in price and rename buy now?
July 15,2019
Hi, I have two questions:
First, I have problems viewing my site in IE, the menu does not display submenus, and when you see her live view( IE working properly.
Any clue what it fails me?
July 15,2019
Does it have full xml file?
I mean if I buy this theme, could I set up my website like your ‘live preview’?
July 15,2019
Hi, I am using your theme, how do I do an update to it?
July 15,2019
Why there is no support for this theme ?
This is already the second time I purchased this theme
And never received any answer and support to my questions…..
July 14,2019
Hi, this template is really good.
July 14,2019
Currently when I click project featured image, the image is popping up or display as lightbox image in project page. How can I stop that ?
July 14,2019
Hello, I have started designing along with your theme and of course, here comes the first question. Is it possible and if yes, how, to delete on pages ( under the logo placement in the responsive menu ) the “where are you” feature which appears “showing you on what page you are”.
July 14,2019
Dear asalah,
I wish to thank you for a interesting theme you have created. However, here comes my little problem. I have uploaded a logo with the dimensions of 200×25 which looks good at the top of the page but when you scroll down and the responsive menu gets magnified, the logo stretches as well. How can I disable that magnifier in the responsive menu when you scroll down? I suppose it should be some css code. Thank you in advance for the help.
July 14,2019
Hi. I’d like to make a simple contact form like in the live preview one the “CONTACT” link. How did you made it? Does it need an external plugin?
Thank for support!
July 14,2019
This was asked earlier in the comments, but when the developer prompted the commenter that he didn’t understand the question, the person never commented back. So, I’m going to post this again.
July 14,2019
Hi, when uploading the theme I get the message: “The link you followed has expired.” Can you assist?
July 14,2019
Is their anyway to opt to only show certain team-members? For example, I have 3 segments of “team members” I want to break them out on different pages.
July 14,2019
How do I update the bostan theme to the new version without loosing customizations?
July 14,2019
I have one more question When I put projects like a sidebar the images doesn’t look full. I tried to thumb_height values but I couldn’t. What is the correct way?
July 14,2019
merhaba ben bu tasar?m? almak istiyorum fakat bana türkçe destek verebilir misiniz? Sorular?ma türkçe cevap verebilecekseniz hemen almaya haz?r?m. iyi çal??malar…
July 14,2019
Is there a way I can add the “mailto” function to the header email address? I attempted to, but the theme automatically added the site url in front of the code and so it opened a “page not found” vs opening a mail client.
July 14,2019
I do not have the option to put the icons in the menus. Please help
this is my page
July 14,2019
any chance we could get woocommerce integration in the near future?
July 14,2019
Hi, I have problem with page scrolling in the Chrome. Everything are updated.
July 13,2019
Hi ! At first, congrats for this theme : awesome work
July 13,2019
I am considering to buy your theme but it looks like that the support is a little bit below the standards.
July 13,2019
And now, when I go to the Home page that was imported (any of them), I get this on the page:
July 13,2019
Really like the design, but the available options within the pagebuilder are very limited. Are service boxes also possible in 1/3 1/2? And what is the shortcode for columns?
July 13,2019
Hi there, thank you for providing nice theme!
July 13,2019
Hello, I am using your theme and I faced some problem to use Mega menu. Have you any video or text instruction for using your theme?
July 13,2019
where I need add code
July 13,2019
Hi Asalah, Good luck while you are in Egypt. Be careful.
July 13,2019
I added an image to Featured Image for a post, and it wont show on the blog page… I cant find instructions in documentation
July 13,2019
Dear theme creators
please respond to a ticket (
July 13,2019
Hello my client bought this theme, version 1.01 how can I remove the $ on the pricing table?
July 13,2019
Hello the bostan like box doesn’t show de second roo of faces write.
July 12,2019
Hi Asalah,
We are using the Boston Template. First we configure the whole site with settings, content etc on a test-domain.
After that we copy files and database to the final domain. Change the url in the database etc.
The front end of the site is working well. But when we want to change the theme options we get a message:
July 12,2019
Hi I’m getting 500 internal server error when new wordpress version Can you please help me out? Please
July 12,2019
Another question, how do I put a table into a post? I have to list the specs for a machine, so will need two columns and about ten rows.
July 12,2019
i can not download the envato market plugin how is that
July 12,2019
How do I replace lightbox button with the project link In projects / portfolio?
July 11,2019
Icons only showing after hovering over them in Google Chrome browser? Please load in chrome and notice the social icons in top header as well as icons in services under slider not showing until after user hovers over them. Please advise if there is a fix for this. Using Chrome version 33.0.1275.146
July 11,2019
Asalah, sorry for filling in with a lot of feedback but i cannot find another place to put all of this. After adding a pricing package, when trying to edit it, the Buy Now text field is empty each and every time, reseting itself.
July 11,2019
1. Do you guys install the demo? I would like for you guys to install the demo to my site. That would be a great help. If you guys can do this then I will buy the theme if you guys can’t then I will find someone else. Thank you!
2. What slider does it include? I would like a simple photo slider nothing so complicated. Does it include a simple photo slider?
3. Does it include Visual Composer?
July 11,2019
I have one another question. I can’t change post type link. For example I want to change
How I do it?
July 11,2019
السلام عليكم Mr. Ahmad it can support multi language like…arabic or some else. And you will support? Thanks
July 11,2019
I bought the theme and it seems to be not compatible with custom sidebars plugin.
July 11,2019
Hi, with the client carrousels, is there a way to get it to auto scroll along to the next group / logos automatically? Cheers.
July 11,2019
Does WMPL Language Plugin is included in this theme?
July 11,2019
Pre sales question.
In projects / protfolio – when you click on the image it opens in lightbox. can this be changed to open the portfolio or project?
July 10,2019
No logo is IE8. Any suggestions?
July 10,2019
Hi-I’m also having trouble with the video box not playing my youtube video. Says there’s an error:
July 10,2019
Hi is there a way to add a sidebar on a page built via page builder. I have tried to do so. I had to apply standard template instead of page builder template to the page to view the sidebar but this way I get some visualization errors. is there any way to deal with it?
July 10,2019
Hi I’m getting 500 internal server error when I activate the theme. Can you please help me out?
July 10,2019
great theme my friend ! I just bought it and i am really happy with it!!!
Nice work!!!
One question thought, how can i have in my services blocks the awesome icons (screen, diamond, umbrella etc… ) from ur demo page?
July 10,2019
Hi, how do I edit the thumbnail in the right sidebar post list.
July 10,2019
Hello. try to import data but got Error: Internal Server Error (500)
July 10,2019
How do you remove the Bootstrap feature that makes the logo smaller when you scroll down the page?
Some pages seem to spasm when you scroll to the bottom
July 10,2019
Hmmm support has gone again and so has the site preview.
I WAS going to purchase this theme!
July 10,2019
Hello, I’m having a problem with the portfolio. When I click on a tag to filter and when I click “Show All”, the posts are duplicate the screen. Follow the link:
July 10,2019
hello, how can i change the text in blog posts button(read more) and also for the search bar.thank you
July 10,2019
Theme is downloading and after 100% it appears error. “Please try again” something like this. I had that problem before with this site. And I asked to theme owner to install the theme and he did it for me
July 09,2019
Testimonial only show one Item although I uploaded two testimonial. I increased the number of testimonial but it only show the latest one. Is it possible to make it rotatable testimonial.
July 09,2019
Is it possible to link the clients directly to the projects, so that you can look at all of the projects completed for a specific client? Thanks!
July 09,2019
Hello, I’ve send some questions. Please respond –
July 09,2019
problems with project carousel and client carousel.
July 09,2019
Hi friends
I have some problems with bostan theme, I can’t watch it on Internet Explorer 11. Could you help me, please?
July 09,2019
Hello. I have the same problem “jamlaw” had nearly a year ago.
It seems to be that this problem was solved but it isn’t described anywhere how. . .
Could you please explain how you fixed it?
July 09,2019
When you select a photo, a media page opens and there is an Author section.. I want to get rid of that… see example:
July 09,2019
Hi – you mention that your theme is WPML ready but as far as I know the content created with Aqua Page Builder (Page composer) can not be directly translated – could you please let me know how you translate in your theme such content via the WPML?
July 09,2019
Hello, is it possible to have a documentation of how the theme works?
I may be blind, but i can’t find it!
July 09,2019
Great theme! I’m loving it!
July 09,2019
Hi there, I’m following the video to install the dummy content but the home1slider.txt file is missing from the theme download… can this be downloaded elsewhere? thanks!
July 09,2019
I do not manage to put an URL in the block posts lists. comments that have to I make?
July 09,2019
Hi guys, Im having an issue with the menu on mobile devices. It doesnt open – kindly assist. many thanks
July 09,2019
Hi, I’m attempting to recreate the main menu shown here:
July 08,2019
Is there a way to elimate elements from the mobile view?
The 4 icons on the home page stack one over the other on the mobile site and we dont want them to shop up on phones. possible?
July 08,2019
Very impressed with this theme. Love the page builder! Have built an entire site layout in a few hours. 2 questions:
1. how can I add the icons to the nav menu like you have in the demo?
2. can the action button open in the same tab and not open a new one?
July 08,2019
I’m using Bostan v6.40
Theme options nothing showing up.
July 08,2019
Hi, how can I set the top image as in your example?
July 08,2019
How do I change page title holder breadcrumbs text color to red
July 08,2019
Hi, a question about the Clients Carousel : how can I reduce the logo (image) size and increase the number of logo’s being displayed from 6 to 10 ? Can u also tell me how to create a second Carousel for another groupe of Clients ? thnx
July 08,2019
How do I remove the Page Titles from each page?
July 08,2019
Hi Support, Is there a way to make the sticky header appear smoother? I do not like the cutting over to the sticky menu. Would like a smooth transition/animation. Hope you understand what I mean. Thanks
July 08,2019
Hi, within the social settings under appearance, this there a way of hiding a social icon like you can with RSS Icon? Thanks.
July 08,2019
Hello, I am having an issue with the WPBakery plugin updates. When trying to update the plugin it says I need a license key. I have been told in the past by you I believe, that the plugin is updated when the theme ( Bostan ) is updated. I recently updated to the latest version yet the plugin is showing “You have version 5.5.4 installed. Update to 5.6”. I cannot figure out how to update this plugin. I am unsure why this is such a pain to update. One would think that if the plugin is part of a purchased package, that the code within the package would somehow supply the plugin what it needs to update each time without forcing the person managing the site to jump through hoops. Can you please kindly guide me through the necessary steps to keep this plugin properly updated? I am uncertain at the moment. I cna’t update through the plugin update process, It is not updating with the template update and I don’t see a way through the Envato Market plugin I currently have installed. Thank you for your time.
July 08,2019
I’m using portfolio page, but I cannot open these item there:
July 08,2019
Hi there
Just a beginner with a few question :
- I can’t find where to create the cover picture on the home page ?
- Where can I add the small blue icon on the top page (such as facebook, linkedin…)
- And where can i add the mail and phone number and logo on the top left home page ?
July 08,2019
The tabs feature of the pagebuilder stopped working. I guess there are some issues with the latest wordpress version. Could you please tell us how to fix this?
July 08,2019
I bought your Boston theme because mainly It support RTL, but it’s not clear in your documentation how can I activate the right to left style, also I need to add Arabic translation. So please advise.
July 08,2019
the header items do not fill the entire width of the boxed layout. Slider or map
July 07,2019
How can I change the blue button with the arrow on the moving menu, I just found how to change the blue one with the social networks icons, can you help me? thank you though
July 07,2019
Hi, I can’t found info about google map in the documentation.
How i can insert my map?
July 07,2019
I received update news about version 3.1 by email, but
dashboard > appearance > bostan updates doesn’t work.
It says “Congratulations, you are up to date :)”, while my version is still 3.0.
July 07,2019
Nice theme, I’m considering a purchase but 1 thing holds me back: as with many other themes, the number of social medias (icons) that you can enter into the theme itself is very limited. Youtube? Instagram? There are lots of big and important stuff.
July 07,2019
Very nice theme and easy to use so far but could you help me fixing the search bar? At the moment if you search with the widget (even on your demo theme) the result returns nothing and seems like the search page is broken or not called at all.
Thank you.
July 07,2019
Hi, I wrote a question 16 days ago, then tried again to get an answer without success, so am creating a new question to see if i can get the answer.
July 07,2019
Cant find home1slider.txt in zip file. Could you send me pls
July 07,2019
why dont i have the composer grid and only one line stating [template id=”23888”]
or the template that i use
i’ve sent about 3 emails and no response
July 06,2019
Hi there,
Great theme. Is there any way you can add a sidebar within the page builder? I am trying to display a custom sidebar into the page builder. Is there a shortcode that I can place within a text block.
Thanks for your help.
July 06,2019
In page builder i would really like to have 5 service blocks but i can only seem to do 4 or 6.. is there a way around this or am i doing something wrong?
July 06,2019
If you need any help please submit a ticket on our support forum, we don’t offer support on theme forest comments. Visit our support forum here
July 06,2019
Hey there! We seem to have found a few problems using the theme (or maybe I can’t find the documentation for these):
July 06,2019
Hi, please tell me how to make the Clients Carousel display in alphabetical order. Thnx Willem
July 06,2019
I could not turn on Visucal Composer? I already delete this code.
July 06,2019
I just bought this theme, after making a page from page builder and activating it, its not working. I need urgent help please.
July 06,2019
Hello, I was wondering if I could remove the sticky header? I would prefer a static one? If so how do I do it?
July 06,2019
Hello, I purchased your theme months ago. I just installed the theme in my demo site to build a mockup and this error appears:
Warning: require_once(/home/content/87/6298987/html/rpswebs/modelo/wp-content/plugins/giveahand-plugin/page-builder/aqua-page-builder/blocks/aq-sep-block.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/87/6298987/html/rpswebs/modelo/wp-content/themes/bostan/framework/aqua/aq-page-builder.php on line 51
July 06,2019
what do I have to do to show my first toggle open..
for example.. i added 3 toggles but i see them all closed..
July 06,2019
Your theme is sending out mass spam over 50,000 from today 14th March and the day before. Why is this happening. i need this sorting asap!!!!!!
July 05,2019
Does this theme have a search bar?
July 05,2019
Hello. Please take a note. In order to show cf7 checkboxes, I had to comment style.css at line 85 /-webkit-appearance:none!important;/. Kind regards.
July 05,2019
Hello, I would like to use this theme with a customer panel. I would like to put an customer panel for their personal certificate to download. Can I use without any problem. If you have any plugin suggestion I’m here. Thanks in advance
July 05,2019
Just send you a message from your profile page, kindly check it
July 05,2019
Hi asalah, Great looking theme. But i have a question.
July 05,2019
There are more pictures of the administrative area of the site?
July 05,2019
Hi, I changed the background image but still display the wood pattern.
July 05,2019
Hi, can you tell me where i can edit mega menu content? my purchase code maybe: 5030415.
July 05,2019
Same problem like MuscleWebdesign with Google Chrome here.
Randomly Headlines and/or Icons not working. I’m using Bostan for two of my costumers and they both have problems for about 4 weeks now. If you have a fix please give me a hint, since im not updating the theme because of other modifications ;D
July 05,2019
I’ve got question. When I put link do my website that use BOSTAN template – on SKYPE or other kind of communicatiors – it add to link a logo. But Bostan logo not mine. Where I can change that?
July 05,2019
Great work my friend!!!!! Very cretive!!!!
July 04,2019
Hi Supporter, nice theme. Unfortunately we have our first problem:
When we want to “Add Box” it doesn’t work. Javascript is activated in our Browser (Modzilla), but when we want to click “insert into post” nothing happens. Clicking the button is notworking. Any ideas on how to fix this?
July 04,2019
hello, when i were used wordpress 4.0 for bostan theme ?
July 04,2019
Hey, very important question and an urgent ! When I share Website Via social networking the theme image of Boston’s logo appears. How can I disable this ??
July 04,2019
Hi, I’ve followed what “simonben” said, but I still have an error.
Here is what he said :
July 04,2019
Hi. Is it easy to setup the slider images. Are the sizes listed so I can have them designed ?
July 04,2019
Hi, Thank you for such a nice theme. I have installed it but I am having problems in creating a slider? Can I get any sort of tutorial from you if you feel convenient? I need to do this urgently. Thank you.
July 04,2019
How can I change the icon that appears beside a blog post? Is there a way to replace it with a featured image??
July 04,2019
Unable to get “unordered list” with bullets to indent on blog post. Unable to get normal paragraph to indent.
July 04,2019
Hi every one
I need help
I want to install in portfolio page single project
the gallery one
but page builder doesn’t work and I don’t know why!!!
Can you explain me how to re set the portfolio pages?
thank a lot!
July 03,2019
I have one query regarding to 3rd level primary menu as one of the user had mentioned below. I would like to know when would be the next version will be released as we have got project delivery date after 15 days.
July 03,2019
Hi, please tell me how to put an internal link on a logo (image) of the Clients Carousel. I’ve tried the ‘client infos URL” but it doesn’t seem to work..
July 03,2019
Hi Where I can find the demo file? there’s no “demo_data.xml” file in the package… thank you
July 03,2019
I am using WPML. How could I translate the “Copyright Text” area?
July 03,2019
@squirrelbean, did you get an update on the missing home1slider.txt file? I’ve hit that roadblock as well.
July 03,2019
The plugin does come in the ZIP file, I just overlooked it. Would be nice for additional support on the icons. It’s almost impossible to navigate around this theme without loading in the demo XML.
July 03,2019
Hi there! The Menu button to toggle menu drop down is not working on some mobiles. How do I fix this? Thanks!
July 03,2019
Hi, I just purchased the theme and I can’t get it right. I keep seeing this:
July 03,2019
im having a hard time with the projects/portfolio section. Can you please provide a better description on how to make it work?
July 02,2019
When will you be adding the most recent update for WPBakery into the theme? The Post Grid Feature is not working to create a horizontal carousel of posts and keeps returning [code] {status found:}[/code] , through my research it appears that it may be related to WPBakery and I cannot update it because of the way the license is configured.
July 02,2019
Whilst I’m sure WC3 validation means little to you guys, it does to me and I’m sure many others, This theme is riddled – and I mean RIDDLED with WC3 code validation errors.
July 02,2019
I’m using the Bostan theme for On a mobile device, the text for the top level menus does not appear.
July 02,2019
Why does the date on the projects look so strange?
July 02,2019
I want to change the standard background colour for Action Buttons and Service Icons – I’ve changed what look like the logical places in style.css (eg .service_icon), but that doesn’t work …
July 02,2019
I cannot open my portfolios items.
July 02,2019
Can you help me? I am trying to add a video to my wordpress site using the page builder. I upload the video to my media folder, and then add the url to the page builder form, however it does do anything. Is there any youtube videos or support Step by Steps I can follow?
July 02,2019
i`ve instaled.. customized the logo.. social links.. imported sample content… but nothing happen
July 02,2019
can i change a page template to boxed inseted of full screen?
July 02,2019
How can i fill in content in the sidebar of page?
July 02,2019
Hi, I think I found a bug in the Testimonials Carousel. On my Site on the right side. The Testimonials Carousel takes up a lot of space downwards and when you move it with the mouse, 2 images suddenly appear one below the other. Author Name and Author Job do not stand among themselves either. maybe you have an idea how to fix it or change it. Thanks.
July 02,2019
My website is based on Korean not English. So I’d like to change font via google font api. (Refer to )
I edited style.css adding codes like this ;
@import url(;
font-family: ‘Nanum Gothic’, sans-serif;
July 02,2019
Asalah…Great template. I was all excited to install it and problems develop when I uploaded Aqua Page Builder plugin. The whole site disappeared…It has this errror code instead
July 02,2019
Hi, i have a question, as many people ask for Portfolio transaltion problems, is there a way to translate it ? As “Show all” for exemple. Other question, is it possible to link directly Portfolio images from carrousel to their project instead of opening a new tab ? Regards
July 01,2019
Hello! How to remove the empty spaces in the head after the code <-! Custom head codes -> after the