Flooring - Paving and Tiling Services

Flooring is WordPress theme designed for flooring and paving companies powered by an elite author, it provide many features to create your own website easily.

Flooring is a powerful WordPress theme for flooring, paving and renovation companies, It is especially designed for floor installation, Wood, supply, Parquet, flooring, ceramic, engineered hardwoods, Doors, Solid Oak , laminate, carpets, rugs, Painting & decorating, Renovation Solutions, Kitchen and Bathrooms, ceramic store, false ceiling, painting, Interior and Exterior..

Flooring - Paving and Tiling Services

Template Features :

  • Responsive layout :

    This theme is responsive to give a perfect user experience on all devices.

  • Boxed or full-width :

    this can be easily from our theme settings panel.

  • Built by Zurb foundation 5 :

    Built by Zurb foundation 5 the professional choice for designers, developers and teams.

  • Premium Plugins :

    Visual Composer plugin included – This theme includes the Visual Composer plugin, saving you $30.

  • Contact Form 7 plugin support :

    This theme includes styling for the Contact Form 7 plugin.

  • Custom Shortcodes :

    We provide a custom shortcodes to get more features on Visual composer

  • Demo content Included :

    You don’t need to mess around the XML Files and missing content we built a Demo content importer inside theme options to get the your website like our demo by one click demo installation.

  • Demo content Included :

    You don’t need to mess around the XML Files and missing content we built a Demo content importer inside theme options to get the your website like our demo by one click demo installation.

  • Easy Font Selection.
  • Advanced Custom CSS Ready
  • Advanced Custom JavaScript Ready
  • Google Maps
  • Theme Color Management.
  • Custom 404 Page.
  • Coded with SEO in Mind.
  • WooCommerce Ready and WooCommerce Sidebar :

    Roofing is 100% WooCommerce compatible and also includes full design integration that looks amazing!!

  • Unlimited Portfolio Layouts.
  • Cross Browser Support.
  • + many more features.
  • More features coming soon.

Flooring theme is the perfect choice for your business of ceramic tiles, porcelain, marble and wooden flooring manufacturers and agencies trading in flooring and tiles materials. In addition, Tile Max theme is suitable for companies doing the renovation work and paving the floors apart from other flooring solutions and services.

Flooring and Tiling PSD Template

Right Flooring – Responsive PSD Flooring, and Tiling Paving Services Template is a well designed and suitable for flooring, Tiling ,floor installation, Interior and Exterior , Wood, supply, Parquet, flooring, engineered hardwoods, Doors, Solid Oak , laminate, carpets, rugs, Painting & decorating, Renovation Solutions, Kitchen and Bathrooms, false ceiling, painting, websites,

We have used most popular google fonts in this PSD Theme, making it unique with amazing.Here you will get 20 PSD Pages with easily customizbale with pixel perfect.

Comments (66)

July 15,2019
Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale
July 14,2019
Hi guys, I have emailed you two support issues relating to the slider contact button and the image links on the home page not working. I have found that any links within the pages do not work, is this fixed in the latest release as this could be what is also blocking he revolution slider button “Get a quote now” . Your fast response is greatly appreciated.
July 13,2019
Great work. Congrats! Awesome job. Good luck with sales
July 12,2019
Hi, I have just bought your theme. Seems like some items are not working like the navigation bar and “Get a quote now!” button. I have sent you an email, hope to hear from you soon
July 12,2019
hi i just purchase and donwload this theme. i want to instal to my wordpress.. but unable to upload to wordpress
July 12,2019
Hey guys, i need to purchase this theme but this i am not able to check this theme as your live previou account has been suspended. I can not see your demo site.
July 11,2019
I just bought and uploaded your theme. I keep getting an error message for you the Revolution Slider widget; Wrong Purchase Code.
July 10,2019
مرحبا ميمون، لقد أرسلت لك بعض رسائل البريد الإلكتروني فيما يتعلق بالحاجة إلى الدعم، وأنا محاولة يائسة لتغيير ألوان الموقع الذي لن تتغير عنصرين مربعات رمز النص واستدعاء صناديق. قلت أننا سوف تحصل على دعم أسرع إذا كنا البريد الإلكتروني حتى الآن لم تحصل على رد من التحقيق الماضي. يمكنك مساعدة الرجاء
marhabaan maymun, laqad ‘arsalat lak bed rasayil albarid al’iiliktrunii fima yataealaq bialhajat ‘iilaa aldaemi, wa’ana muhawalatan yayisatan litaghyir ‘alwan almawqie aldhy ln tataghayar eunsurayn murabaeat ramz alnasi waistidea’ sanadiqa. qult ‘anana sawf tahsul ealaa daem ‘asrae ‘iidha kunna albarid al’iiliktruniu hataa alan lm tahsul ealaa radin min altahqiq almadi. yumkinuk musaeadat alraja’
July 08,2019
Tabs and Accordion Menu problem! Help for could you check your mail.. Thanks
July 08,2019
Can you send me password to access your forum for [email protected]? I did not receive registration confirm, thank You
July 07,2019
Hello, I’ve just purchased this theme and installed the demo. The revslider isn’t working and says ‘Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias home_slider not found.’
Image: https://ibb.co/mqNu9G
July 07,2019
Hi there, your “Webdevia main plugin” is giving me a 500 error. Please assist
July 06,2019
Hi guys, I can’t receive answers to my questions today : can you answer emails please ? Coming back from holidays, work must go on Thank you in advance for your quick answers !
July 04,2019
Hi, I am trying to get access to your support forum at the minute, but I’m not getting the confirmation email through so thought I would leave a message.
July 04,2019
How can I change the position of the logo on the template?
July 02,2019
Hi, Can I please get the PSD files for the flooring demo?
July 02,2019
Hi, I have encountered some problems with the main slider and the demo content cant seem to be loaded onto my site, I have sent an email to request help already.
July 01,2019
Hi Support, is it possible to change the size of the header image on the pages of the theme ? Many thanks again
July 01,2019
I put everything correctly, but the slide show did not come up, and I got the error message: Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias slide not found.
Maybe you mean: ‘slide 1’
June 30,2019
Great job. Impressive design and functionalities. Good luck with the sales
June 29,2019
Hi there, i’m interesting to buying your template also i want congrats you guys about this awesome work…. but i have question before i purchase it : Does the PSD files included also with template ?
Best regards.
June 29,2019
Hi, i have a problem with menu text size. I can not increase the size of the menu letter
I change the Head font family in Flooring Theme Options and doesnt work.
June 29,2019
Fantastic theme. How do I change accent / button color on site currently it is an orange color I would like to change it.
June 29,2019
FYI … Im on the fence about purchasing this theme. It looks like support sucks.
June 29,2019
Hello there. I want to get this theme. I would like to add english, french, and turkish languages to the stand alone. Is this possible?
June 27,2019
Hi Guys, in your services section you have a “Call Out” bar which contains two buttons side by side, one I can edit and link to the contact page however the first button to the left side remain blank with no text content and links to the home which I can not edit. This appears in both my site and your demo. Do you have a fix for this issue? Many thanks Cliff
June 27,2019
How can I remove the sidebar from woocommerce so that the product page is 100%. I would greatly appreciate your support.
June 27,2019
Wow! Great work! We have much to learn from you. Good luck with selling.
June 26,2019
whenever i am importing demo content on website, it says 300;> 500 Error. Internal Server Error and stucks at 28%
June 25,2019
The swedish Mega Project image is also missing from your demo download
June 24,2019
Does this theme come with the option to set a sticky nav?
June 24,2019
Hey I am trying to import the demo content, it downloads 100% but it doesnt active?
June 24,2019
I installed flooring theme and the recommended plugins but I cant see Visual composer, I have to pay $45 for fully activate WPBakery Page Builder?
June 23,2019
Great support. Fast and timely response.
June 23,2019
hi there, is there any option that we can download the demo and carry on while editting from demo? thanks
June 23,2019
Hi, I send you some e-mails yesterday asking for help. Did you receive? Thanks
June 23,2019
theme exceeds file upload size- I get this error: The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.
June 22,2019
Hello, I’m having the same problem as darrenbentham to enter the support panel. My email is [email protected]
June 21,2019
Do you completely rely on a Page Builder or shortcodes for your content sections? Or do you fully support Gutenberg and add custom blocks to it? It says that your item is gutenberg optimized.
June 18,2019
Is there support for product variations? How do customers specify the size they need? eg 3×5.5m in terracotta.
June 18,2019
Hi, i have a problem with the image title background. When i try to change it, the picture still the same. Help me please! Thanks.
June 18,2019
I posted yesterday and have now come across multiple issues I need help with – i’ve worked with hundreds of themes and typically don’t have this kind of difficulty:
June 18,2019
Hi Guys, since your update the testimonials slider and Carousel client no longer work, do you have a fix for this please? Many thanks in advance.
June 18,2019
Very good product, and amazing team with high quality support in very fast response, Thank you Mymoun team.
June 18,2019
Hi, Pre-sale question: I see you can have items tagged with categories for the shop section. Is there a way to create pages based off of certain categories only?
Also is it possible to make a shop item $0 or free sample?
June 17,2019
hi, i`m PURCHASED, how can I get revslider demo content ????
June 17,2019
I needed the translation in Italian of this template. Where can I find it?
June 16,2019
is it possible to set little arrow in navbar ( just on page, which contains subpages)?
June 14,2019
I have tried to install the zip folder but it fails because there is no Style.css
June 14,2019
The imported demo doesn’t seem to have transparent header (above slider), how can I manually set it up?
June 14,2019
Just brought this them. Cant import it. it doesn’t work PLEASE HELP
June 13,2019
I just purchased your theme and upon installing the demo I noticed that the “home_slider” did not import – nowhere in your documentation does it indicate how to install the slider separately. Please advise how to get this done ASAP!
June 13,2019
Hi, Can you tell me how i can translate this theme? I’m missing elements in the .pot file. I’m currently using the locotranslate plugin. I whant to change the “read more” button on my post to another language.
June 11,2019
How can I have different menus on different pages with this theme?
June 11,2019
Well, thought about buying this template… Until I saw all the comments =/
June 10,2019
I just purchased and downloaded the theme, all installed from demo content but no revolution slider files??? I checked the revolution slider and nothing from the demo? can you send this please to support at seo4webs dot co dot uk please
June 09,2019
Team, waiting for your reply through mail from days please do reply, I see the support dead
June 09,2019
Hi, can you answer to my emails please ? I can’t have access to support forum (error purchase code?) and I have some questions for you (sent this morning to [email protected]). Thank you very much !
June 09,2019
Really wanted to buy this theme but looking at the comments there are too many issues and a lack in support. Such a shame
June 07,2019
Hey guys,
i’ve purchased your theme about two days ago and i’m currently facing a serious Demo import issue: In fact my demo import looks nothing like yours. Your DEMO is tight and rocks, mine is completely broken and messed up.
Can you guys please help me out? i urgently need help. All i need is my Demo import to look straight like YOURS and that’s the main reason i’ve purchased this product. Many Thanks.
June 07,2019
Hello. I purchase this theme under: Kingofcondos account. I have a purchase code.
June 07,2019
Pre sale question – does the theme support RTL?
June 06,2019
Hi, we have to issues to solve in www.fastpisos.com.br :
June 05,2019
Hi, Can I change the font on the home page?
June 05,2019
hi there, i got a pre sale question. I realy like this template.
At the shoppage is possible to have a cost calculator as a sidebar where you can select the product and insert lenght and width and total will be calculated?
the add to cart is a bit poor specialy the quantity is not equal to square meters…
June 05,2019
Awesome work! Best of luck with the sales