Berserk - Business Portfolio Blog Corporate eCommerce App with Page Builder

Berserk - Business Portfolio Blog Corporate eCommerce App with Page BuilderBerserk - Business Portfolio Blog Corporate eCommerce App with Page BuilderBerserk - Business Portfolio Blog Corporate eCommerce App with Page BuilderBerserk - Business Portfolio Blog Corporate eCommerce App with Page Builder

Berserk – is a multipurpose Bootstrap 4 HTML5 template, created by people with 10+ years’ experience in website development. It’s fully responsive, based on the module structure. Main Features: Bootstrap 4, jQuery 3, HTML 5, CSS3, SASS, W3C Valid code, SEO, Revolution Slider, Page Builder, PSD Files, RTL Support.

Our main goal is to save time for our customers, that’s why we are always ready to provide support and answer your questions. We’ll do our best to make our template better and better in the future. New page templates, header and footer variants, new UI elements are coming soon. We always follow new design trends and update our existing elements to keep them up to date. So your website will always look like it was created just a couple of months ago.

We use lazy loading technique that delays loading of Images, CSS, JavaScript, and Fonts after the page is loaded. This speeds up the initial load of your webpage no matter how many elements it contains. If you use Google Maps on your website, lazy loading is a great option as you pay for a map load only if user scrolls to it. You shouldn’t worry about decoupling, simply put the HTML code to the required page, and our smart script will add CSS, JavaScript, Fonts that are used in the code.

We used BEM methodology, which is an easy way to change element styles and options. Our optimization scripts load only required fonts on the page. With our template, you’ll get a drag-and-drop page builder that allows you easily and quickly create your website. You can try the page builder

Images only for demonstration. PSD and 70$ costs Premium plugins are included for free.

Berserk - Business Portfolio Blog Corporate eCommerce App with Page Builder

Berserk - Business Portfolio Blog Corporate eCommerce App with Page Builder

Berserk - Business Portfolio Blog Corporate eCommerce App with Page Builder Berserk - Business Portfolio Blog Corporate eCommerce App with Page Builder Berserk - Business Portfolio Blog Corporate eCommerce App with Page Builder

Berserk - Business Portfolio Blog Corporate eCommerce App with Page Builder

Berserk - Business Portfolio Blog Corporate eCommerce App with Page Builder

Berserk - Business Portfolio Blog Corporate eCommerce App with Page Builder

Berserk - Business Portfolio Blog Corporate eCommerce App with Page Builder Berserk - Business Portfolio Blog Corporate eCommerce App with Page Builder

Berserk - Business Portfolio Blog Corporate eCommerce App with Page Builder

Berserk - Business Portfolio Blog Corporate eCommerce App with Page Builder

Berserk - Business Portfolio Blog Corporate eCommerce App with Page Builder

Berserk - Business Portfolio Blog Corporate eCommerce App with Page Builder

Berserk - Business Portfolio Blog Corporate eCommerce App with Page Builder



List of sites which used our template:

List of pages:

  • Main Bussines demo
  • Creative Agency Demo
  • SAAS Demo
  • Winter Mountains Trip Agency Demo
  • Winter Mountains Event Landing
  • Agency Animation Demo
  • Freelance Blog Demo
  • Portfolio Minimalistic Demo
  • Shop Drone Demo
  • Travel Agency Demo
  • Freelance Portfolio Demo
  • Agency Urban Demo
  • Agency Modern Demo
  • Agency Fluid Demo
  • Website Agency Demo
  • Photography Demo
  • Logistic Demo
  • Art Demo
  • Construction Demo
  • Magazine Demo
  • Spa Beauty Demo
  • Shop Video E-Commerce Demo
  • Product Landing E-Commerce Demo
  • Shop Modern E-Commerce Demo
  • Shop Electronics E-Commerce Demo
  • Shop Clothes E-Commerce Demo
  • Shop Trendy E-Commerce Demo
  • Product Sport shop E-Commerce Demo
  • Cart E-Commerce Shop
  • Checkout E-Commerce Shop
  • Products Compare E-Commerce Shop
  • 404 Page not found
  • 403 Access denied page
  • Login Sign In page
  • Register Sign Up Page
  • Coming Soon Page
  • Coming Soon Twitter Page
  • Blog Grid Page
  • Blog Item Page
  • Blog List Page
  • Breadcrumbs Page
  • Footers Page
  • Forum Main
  • Forum Post
  • Forum User Page
  • Gallery 2 columns
  • Gallery 3 columns
  • Gallery 3 columns Masonry
  • Gallery 4 columns
  • Gallery 4 columns wide
  • Gallery 6 columns
  • Header 1 – Main 3 columns
  • Header 2 – Boxed Style 1
  • Header 3 – Vertical
  • Header 4 – Popup Black
  • Header 5 – Boxed
  • Header 6 – 2 Menus
  • Header 7 – Menu Right
  • Header 8 – Square
  • Header 9 – Minimal
  • Header 10 – Logo Center
  • Header 11 – Transparent
  • Header 12 – Popup
  • Header 13 – White
  • Header 14 – Minimalistic
  • Header 15 – Sport
  • Portfolio Categories
  • Portfolio Grid
  • Portfolio Isotope
  • Portfolio List
  • Portfolio Masonry
  • Portfolio Masonry 2
  • Portfolio Page
  • Portfolio Rows
  • Portfolio Galleries
  • Shop Grid – E-Commerce Shop
  • Shop List – E-Commerce Shop
  • Shop Item – E-Commerce Shop
  • Shop Item Sidebar – E-Commerce
  • Shop Components Tiles – E-Commerce
  • Shop Components Row – E-Commerce
  • Shop Components Masonry – E-Commerce
  • Shop Components Flip – E-Commerce
  • Shop Components Honeycomb – E-Commerce


Version 1.8.9 – February 22, 2019

Added: New Revolution Slider demo
Updated: Novi builder plugin
Fixed: Minor Bugs

Version 1.8.8 – February 15, 2019

Improved: Compare page
Improved: Mobile friendly
Fixed: Minor Bugs

Version 1.8.7 – February 5, 2019

Improved: Mobile menu
Fixed: Minor Bugs

Version 1.8.6 – January 23, 2019

Added: Contact Us Page
Added: Minimalistic Header
Added: Minimalistic Footer
Fixed: Minor Bugs

Version 1.8.5 – January 9, 2019

Added: Shortcode - Circle Promo
Fixed: Minor Bugs

Version 1.8.1 – December 11, 2018

Added: Contact Us - Business page
Updated: subscribe.php file
Updated: Main Page Loader
Fixed: Minor Bugs

Version 1.8.0 – December 6, 2018

Added: Coming Soon Twitter
Updated: Creative Agency - Portoflio Block
Updated: Page Loader
Fixed: Minor Bugs

Version 1.7.0 – November 26, 2018

Added: Winter Trip Event Langing
Fixed: Minor Bugs

Version 1.6.0 – November 19, 2018

Added: Winter Trip Agency Demo
Updated: SAAS Demo - Slick slider replaced with Swiper
Fixed: Minor Bugs

Version 1.5.0 – November 7, 2018

Added: SAAS Demo
Updated: Novi Builder functionality
Updated: FontAwesome 5 fonts
Fixed: Minor Bugs

Version 1.4.0 – October 21, 2018

Added: Minimalistic portfolio
Fixed: Minor Bugs

Version 1.3.0 – October 16, 2018

Added: E-Commerce Compare page
Added: Google reCAPTCHA v3 to all forms
Added: More presets to Novi Builder
Improved: Novi Builder functionality
Fixed: Minor Bugs

Version 1.2.0 – October 4, 2018

Added: Styled scrollbar to testimonials dash five
Added: Styled scrollbar to whole page
Added: Cart page
Added: Checkout page
Added: 404 page
Added: 403 page
Added: Register page
Added: Login page
Added: Coming soon page

Version 1.1.0 – September 26, 2018

Added: Travel Agency Demo and it inner pages
Added: Presets to Novi Builder
Fixed: Minor Bugs

Version 1.0.1 – September 18, 2018

Added: MailChimp integrated to all forms
Speed Up: Google Maps and Twiter now loads only if you scrolls to them
Updated: Novi Builder
Fixed: Replaced CSS loader with GIF - much stable on the Safary and slow devices
Fixed: Responsive issues for 1366px

Version 1.0.0 – September 13, 2018

Initial release

Comments (76)

July 16,2019
Hello Author,I’m interested with the design and functionality of your template. Is it easy to edit like html templates or it can be edit with Nova page builder only because I don’t know Nova page builder. Please let me know that it is simple to edit like multipurpose html templates.
July 16,2019
i have rtl site and i wanna update this.

Do you think this theme is Use ful for me?
July 15,2019
hii im al ready puchase your template ,page builder not working send me solution urgent
July 15,2019
I have submitted a ticket. its kind of difficult for me to get the initial setup. can you reply please.
July 14,2019
Hi. Did you try on mobile device is this never? Soo. I trying and VEERY VEERY SLOW WITH iPhone6sPlus and Slowly very lagger Javascript files.
July 14,2019
Hi! My client bought this theme recomended by me. Now Im trying to edit a page with the Novi builder but I seem to have 2 issues, can you please help me?
July 14,2019
Stunning template, I am using it for a project. It is pretty hard to customize in HTML unlike other traditional HTML templates. Need help in these things: 1) How to stop Strike through on hover in header-style-1. 2) How to give some border or filling to header sub-menu item that zooms like button on hover. Thanks in advance.
July 14,2019
I am working on Demo Construction and want to add a new slide in slide but I couldn’t. Somehow I added but right social icons are missing.
July 14,2019
Hallo, i’ve very confuse with your code like
July 13,2019
I’m new to templates. I would like to ask some questions before purchasing this product.
July 13,2019
What’s with all the empty folders in the sass/modules directory?
July 12,2019
Hi, i found many errors in css:
July 11,2019
is there fir ICO template?
July 10,2019
Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale
July 09,2019
I just inspected some elements. This is NOT 100% Bootstrap code… for example CTAs are no .btn—why do you advertise that this is Bootstrap 4 compatible?? This is a lie.
July 07,2019
Good afternoon, how to set up a feedback form?
July 07,2019
Hi! I have two pre purchase question:
Can I use the template without the Novi Builder?
The template have a modal plugin?
July 05,2019
Congratulations! Great Work. Good Luck With Sale.
July 04,2019
Why your theme does not have un-minimized main javascript file (scripts.min.js)
July 03,2019
Hi! I buy the template and try to use it only with the html but the core don’t let me use it. Can I have any help?
July 02,2019
Now i checked. This template consumes very big battery perchange. I try %10 > %5 consume my battery
July 02,2019
I believe you have a bug in the theme. For your logistics demo, you have a section that appears during the initial load process but then disappears once the page has loaded and does not reappear. During page loading: Once page is loaded:
July 01,2019
Save development time and produce like a pro UX designer
July 01,2019
This looks very interesting! Will there be a Drupal-version in the future?
July 01,2019
Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https
this error occurd
July 01,2019
The tabs don’t work in IE11. They look really ugly.
June 30,2019
Do the flip boxes support svg images being uploaded without the actual html path code?
June 30,2019
Hi, is there any tutorial available for page builder ?
I had a hard time trying to do some simple mods, sort of changing color, or logo…
June 30,2019
Hi, i could not locate PSD files in the google drive link can you please help me with this ASAP. Thank you.
June 29,2019
купил шаблон, но что сюда вводить на локальном сервере – какие данные?
Есть только Item Purchase Code, но код не подходит
June 29,2019
Hello, i met some troubles to making a form. Can you help me ?
Thank you for the support.
June 29,2019
Bro’s, you might want to check device compatibility. Some things cross over on tablet/ipad.
June 25,2019
Can you take a look at my support ticket? It’s still open created
June 25,2019
Hi! I bought this theme a couple of weeks ago. I can’t find a submenu element. Have an option for page fixed submenu?
June 24,2019
Hello, is there any demo to try the page buider?
June 23,2019
How long time I must wait for support? I publish my ticker yesterday….
June 21,2019
any plan to add scrolling animation ?
June 20,2019
I’ve created a support ticket 1999818 but have received no response and its quite urgent.
1.I updated to the latest version and have noticed a substantial decrease in speed both on the front end and the backend. I have updated the berserk plugin as well but that hasnt helped. Please check
June 19,2019
I thought it was a theme… now I have to buy the theme too.
June 19,2019
Do you have any documentation or setup guide available anywhere?
June 18,2019
Hello Author, I have given reply to your solution. Please check my support ticket.
June 17,2019
Hey guys, some constructive feedback for you. The design work on the theme is absolutely phenomenal. Hands down some of the best I’ve seen on themeforest & i’ve been buying templates on here for almost 10 years. Having sass support is terrific & having the templates integrated with the builder is great & having the assets broken down per component is really helpful too. The component structure is great and I like how the files are segregated from the rest of the assets.
June 17,2019
Can I use it on localhost and online in the same time?
Thanks in advance.
June 16,2019
I am planning to buy, but i dont see general pages like Login, Register, Forms, Modals, Page Loaders, etc.
June 16,2019
Hello, first of all your theme looks amazing but i couldnt find icons section. Does it exist?
June 14,2019
How to change images? How to change the logo? This is definetely not “simple”. Stack builder is way more intuitive
June 14,2019
How to open the page builder ?
June 14,2019
Hello, thanks for adding new pages. But I think there is some problem in opening those. It is not rendering properly. I used Google Chrome. Can you please check. Cart and Checkout pages are not rendered properly. Login and register page do not have a background (on left side) like shown in the image.
June 13,2019
Hi if you like partnership in joomla version please contact me via [email protected]
June 13,2019
Hello, great template. I wonder if all form features (contact, newsletter…) are working ? I tested it in your demo but it’s not.
Thank you.
June 13,2019
Hello sir, Unable to find PSD for that theme
June 13,2019
How can I import the website theme files into the Novi website builder? I tried zipping it up and importing but nothing is imported in.
June 12,2019
Hi,Can i see page builder screenshot or something? (Is it drag and drop?)
June 12,2019
Hello, great graphically! but it’s a pity that it’s a novi builder because it doesn’t work as well on chrome as on safari, I paid for it without anyone giving me any answers to my case….. Have a good sale!
June 11,2019
How come the website does not have a demo for contact forms with rectangular input fields?
June 11,2019
Hi, I can see Google Maps wrong address error. All google maps not working. Please check your demo pages.
June 11,2019
How can i activate my rev slider plugin? when i bought the berserk theme i cannot find my activation code for the plugin?
June 11,2019
VERY good theme! Waiting for Drupal version with great impatience:)
June 10,2019
can this be theme be converted to multipage?
June 10,2019
Dose the source code of the html builder included? and if yes can i run it locally on my machine?
June 10,2019
Dear Author,I have created a ticket in support section. Please reply at the earliest as my client is in a hurry.
June 10,2019
hey mate. love the theme
Quick question for you… header-1.html on scroll the header menu disappears… until you start to scroll up. How can I prevent that? I’d like it to show no matter whether you are scrolling up or down the page?
June 10,2019
Hi~ thank you for the good template.
June 09,2019
pre sale question: contact form work ?
June 09,2019
Hi, how can I try the builder?
June 09,2019
Please fix security threat on your server
June 09,2019
it is a magic code of youtube player. Could you tell me where exactly I have to place a youtube link?
June 09,2019
I would like to get some help I submitted a ticket and no answer thank you
June 09,2019
Just bought it, great template. However, I still have a few problems to be solved. First, whenever I open a demo page, it first shows the “B” logo of yours and then shows the page content. It is extremely time consuming in my case. Takes around 5 sec to load the whole page (on my local PC). So is it possible to get into the page directly?
Second, I was expecting the template to run locally, but go through the code, I see it loads fontawesome from the server. Is there a way to just download the required fonts and load it locally?
June 08,2019
Hi, i have a presale question, where can i found a page builder or a demo with this tool?? thank you
June 08,2019
Great looking templates. Wondering if you are able to add some raised button variations.
June 08,2019
Hi, LOVED your template, good work! I would like to buy it, but I have some questions:
1) I am watching your template ( in my mobile phone Samsung (Chrome) , and the TOP MENU doesnt look good.
And in my iMac, when I shrink the window as if it was the size of a mobile phone, in Firefox, I see it correctly… but in Chrome and Safari i looks bad as in my cel phone… Is this how the menus will be seen?
June 07,2019
June 06,2019
A reactjs version of this would be incredible…
June 05,2019
Hello, can I edit the HTML files of this template directly with Dreamwaver for example?
June 05,2019
Just purchased for the Agency urban theme because it’s so gorgeous,but after putting it on my site I’m experiencing a lot of buggyness.