Creativ Business HTML5 Template with Page Builder

Creativ Business HTML5 Template with Page Builder Creativ Business HTML5 Template with Page Builder Creativ Business HTML5 Template with Page Builder

Creativ Business HTML5 Template with Page Builder

Creativ Business HTML5 Template with Page Builder

Creativ Business HTML5 Template with Page Builder Creativ Business HTML5 Template with Page Builder

Creativ Business HTML5 Template with Page Builder Creativ Business HTML5 Template with Page Builder Creativ Business HTML5 Template with Page Builder Creativ Business HTML5 Template with Page Builder Creativ Business HTML5 Template with Page Builder Creativ Business HTML5 Template with Page Builder

Creativ is fully featured Multi-Concept, responsive, Bootstrap based HTML5 Template. Creativ is very Powerful and u can build whatever you like with this template. Be a Business, Portfolio, Restaurant, Medical, Web Agency, One Page, Brand Shop, Photography, Freelancers, etc. Creativ Looks Awesome in Desktop, tablet, mobile phone.. It is very simple, clean and Professional Template.

It comes with Unique Pages, Awesome Slideshows, Unique Color Variations, 20+ Unique Home page Layouts, 200+ Valid Html Templates, Different Portfolio and Blog Options and tons u needed. Creativ have lot of different components that will help you create the perfect look and feel for your website. And we planned to updated with more versions and also with Page builder. So Don’t Miss it.

Key Features

  • Dark & Light Version
  • Boxed & Fullwidth Version
  • HTML5 & CSS3 Technology
  • 15+ Homepage Designs
    • 10 Business Styles
    • 5 Creativ Styles
  • 9+ Awesome Versions
    • Business Version
    • Shop Version
    • Freelancer Version
    • Portfolio Version
    • Onepage Version
    • LeftSide Version
    • Medical Version
    • Restaurant Version
    • Photography Version
    • Coming Soon Version
  • 15+ Header Layout Styles
  • 4 Footer Layout Styles
  • Mega Menu Support
  • Revolution Slider ($14 value)
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.1
  • 200+ Valid HTML5 Page Templates
    • 40+ Blog Styles
    • 40+ Portfolio Styles
    • 5 Member Pages
    • 5 Contact Pages
    • 3 About Pages
    • 3 Services Pages
    • and much more…
  • 100% Responsive Layout Design
  • Retina Display Ready
  • Filterable Portfolio Section
  • Amazing jQuery Effects and Script
  • Professional Shortcode Elements
  • Awesome Animations
  • Social Media Friendly
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Fonts Usable
  • Awesome Font Icons Included
  • Elegant Font Icons Included
  • Detailed Documentation
  • and much more…


2015.08.01 - version 1.0.2
Bug fixed and builder updated

2015.02.05 - version 1.0.2
    * Added new elements to builder
    * Fixed some bugs on the builder

2015.02.02 - version 1.0.1
    * Fixed some css bugs
    * Fixed some html bugs
    * Fixed builder bugs

2015.01.18 - version 1.0
    * First release!

New Support Forum Ready

Please create new account on our Support Forum for more faster answers to your questions.

Sources & Credits

All jQuery credits included to documentation folder.

PSD design by DezignElite thanks for the awesome design.

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Comments (83)

July 16,2019
where is the demo video that your promotion text mentions?
July 15,2019
Hello – I was wondering what shopping cart & payment gateway this template came with if any? Can you please clarify?
July 15,2019
One of the best HTML template that i ever seen. Good Luck with sales
July 15,2019
The builder doesn’t seem to work. I have used it to create a page exactly as I need it to be, and it looks great in the builder. But after exporting the built site to my staging server, it is clearly broken. It seems as if some CSS or boostrap files are missing.
July 15,2019
Hi i just recently purchased this awesome creative builder and there are few edits i just wanted to asks, like in “onepage” folder template which i used in one of my project, how can i edit the sizes of the photo container in mansory_wrapper were having troubles presenting the images since ours has a different size (which is dynamically fetch fr the server) see screenshot here –
July 15,2019
are you using this framework
July 15,2019
Hi, I own an online site/page building/creation service and would like my clients/users/resellers/affiliates to build their own landing pages and sites on my platform using your editor/template for a membership fee. I want to find out what kind of license I need to buy, extended or regular license?
July 14,2019
honest review of this theme: its broken… out of the box dont waste your money
July 14,2019
Nice template! I posted your template in my blog and maybe I will help you to sell it . Good luck with it!
July 13,2019
Do you have a wordpress version?
July 13,2019
Hi, i want to know how can i change top bar background color and if there is a was to put menu a bit more to the bottom since i upload my logo and as it is bigger than regular ones menu seems to much to the top side.
July 13,2019
hi, after export page doesnt support css ? or can´t handle the css, whats wrong ?
July 13,2019
Hi, how can i customise the success page? i need to include a logo and center the whole thing… let me know.. thanks
July 12,2019
Salve ho acquistato il tema html vorrei sapere come posso inserire il video al posto delle immagini slider?
July 12,2019
Page builder support login and register back end ???
July 12,2019
I bought your theme HTML creativ .
When I try to build a new page , I can’t save it.
If I update the browser page , all changes are reset .
Also, if I export my work , it is possible to later change it again with the page builder ?
If the “save ” button does not work it is impossible to work .
My client is waiting for his web site, and I so I can not work.
Respond as soon as possible thank you.
Plase, resolve it.
July 11,2019
Very impressive work – hope to buy
July 11,2019
Thanks for the quick reply (and I have rated ) , I’d like a fixed slider one image but struggling to know what to delete to achieve that (learning html !) but I have rated 5* because my lack of knowledge is not your fault lol.
July 11,2019
Great work done. Congrats and GLWS
July 11,2019
Hi! What version is the page builder? Why no Save and Preview button? Thanks!
July 11,2019
Hi,I im interested this.
How to add some animation effects on the page? For example, the parallax effect.
July 10,2019
Very nice and clean item, creative… GL
July 10,2019
If i buy builder after made some templates can i sell Here ?
July 10,2019
Dear, the dropdown menu does NOT appear in any downloaded HTML. As can soluciar this ?? I’m from chile, if you can answer me in Spanish I’d appreciate it.
July 09,2019
Hi there! Awesome builder! Pre-sales question: Can I let my clients use the builder itself? So they login on my main website, they pay and then get access to the builder…
July 09,2019
What images are included? If any – and if none are provided – do you provide links to buy them?
July 09,2019
Hi, the menu and sub menu from your examples (portfolio and blog) often do not work. The dissapear before a can click on a page…
July 08,2019
I try build in your live demo page with slider header with menu like here and there is no option? it is disable?
July 07,2019
I posted this seven days ago in your support forum but it seems a little abandoned:
July 07,2019
I have tried everything and cannot figure out why randomly the masonry images are overlapping when the page initially loads. It doesn’t happen all the time but about 20%of the time it does. The images slide into place as soon as you change the size of the window. I tried increasing the timeout but still not working:
function refreshWaypoints() {
setTimeout(function() {
}, 10240);
July 06,2019
could you please add the sidebar soon i really need it thanks
July 05,2019
so sorry i bought this…i’ve gotten no support..what a waste
July 04,2019
JollyThemes, hi, sorry pls that I trouble you. People`ve said that it was a new upgrade? I have 1.2 at the moment. I have missed a new upgrade or it is wrong mind? And 1.2 the last? Thank you for answer.
July 04,2019
I’m not using the generator but the ‘onepage’ page.
July 02,2019
Hi, Is word press page builder or stand alone? 17 USD along with templates and page builder?
July 02,2019
hoping you can help me solve my masonry overlapping issue as seen a few comments back
July 02,2019
I have just posted another query on your support site. Please review today.
July 01,2019
Hi again, say pls how to activate your bulder – it is not working at all. It does not want to show even 1 header in the window of builder. How I can unlock it? Or return back money, pls. Thanks for any answer.
July 01,2019
Hi I just purchased the theme and am trying to upload the zipped file on the backend but its not work
June 30,2019
Hi, love the theme, just have one question. I would like to have the dropdowns happen once you rollover a button on the main navigation. Can you help me figure out how to make that happen?
June 30,2019
failed to export template showing this message
June 30,2019
I would like to ad sticky for all other header styles. What is the best / most efficient way to do that
June 28,2019
Hi, how can i change fullwidth to boxed in order to have a background color. Thanks
June 28,2019
Can you kindly tell me how to add this to my custom.js file? I have been waiting a month for support
Open this file js/custom.js and this line code
June 27,2019
hello, there is no wordpress version anymore ?
June 27,2019
There are 4 missing JS files: common.js, util.js, stats.js, main.js. They’re nowhere to be found on the download package. Author’s response time is also very slow.
June 27,2019
Can you make fixed Nav menu with scroll down?
June 26,2019
Looks great, I love the builder it has alot of potential, especially for letting clients see the options and almost creating their own sites. I would have the builder included with every new theme you release, the sales numbers speak for themselves regarding that.
June 26,2019
Builder freezes in Chrome and Firefox. Seems to work Safari…
June 26,2019
Hi, I have uploaded it into php server and it begun to work.
So, do not worry with answer.
God helped to me and gave a wise how to desolve a problem.
June 26,2019
To whom it is interesting: The webbulder is perfect for profi-programmers and person who knows php and java systems! But it is not usual webbulder in html, as we have a habit to it. It must be uploaded into php server with apache by you and you must have nice knowledge how to do it and where, for example…So, who is a beginer only and amauter in web programming like I am (only become a student for it!!!), it is better to study deeply the php and java the firstly before buying for using it. But the authors of this webbulder put into packed lots ready websites design and templates, so, there is no big problems. I have time to use ready-made legal templates untill to finish lerning my programming course into special private shool for deep and good knowledge. So, thanks for goods and best wishes to authors and thanks to envato for introducing these goods and authors for community.
June 26,2019
hi very nice that, i have a question, could create some onepage wiht that with moved menu
June 25,2019
I bought the item this afternoon, and could not wait to try it on.
June 23,2019
is there no live preview?
June 22,2019
i am freelancer and i am looking to use page builder to create client html pages, is it possible to build html page for them in legal way, i am asking to use your page builder on multiple domain’s, just i am asking in case of html page distribution Thanks
June 21,2019
I just purchased your theme. How can I edit one of the categories, medical for example, in pagebuilder?
June 20,2019
Hi, Please let me know if you can help me??? I did everything I send my documentation “localhost” when command “export” almost everything does not work !!!! already copied the file “Style.css” to my folder and nothing Slider function properly … there is something beyond I need to do ???
June 20,2019
i just bought this and i am trying to use the builder – its says generating preview and its forever – its is really annoying taking time just to generate preview
June 20,2019
This is very interesting, I like the demo, but some of the comments are a little off putting, is there any updates since, Feb of 2015, thats about five months ago, either the product is really great or its not, I can’t tell anymore, but I do like the way the drag and drop engine logic is working, that is what attracted me to this project, that code is nice, but I am just curious about how customizable this this is, just basically looking for some feedback thanks.
June 20,2019
Hi, I created a website with the proposed styles, I changed the logo and immagii accordance with size, I saved and exported the jobs, uploaded to FTP visualzzare I went to work and I noticed that the layout is not respected as the selected blocks , what am I doing wrong?
June 19,2019
Thank you for your hard work, absolutely wonderful script and I hope for frequent updates. Best regard from Poland.
June 19,2019
Hi, Sir\Madame, what must I do that your builder becomes working? It does not take and show even 1st header. Also my English is not perfect and I am not also a programmer. Thanks for answer.
June 19,2019
Hi I am interested in purchasing your big package, I was wondering if there can be replaced and take payment from people who build modes site? More design templates and put as an example and choose from a customer?
June 18,2019
Pre sale question:
Is Possible to insert a full screen background video in homepage?
June 17,2019
Really Creativ Design, Amazing Coding with page builder This one is the best template in themeforest u will update more version? if yes i need construction template Congarts for your team Good luck
June 17,2019
How do I enable the drop down menu to function on hover and not click?
I tried to chance click to hover in home-scripts.js
June 15,2019
After reading about your poor customer support (one month to get a reply for eastwooddesign), i won’t be one of your customers.
June 15,2019
Very nice design, I like the way you played with colors and page builder is awesome.
June 15,2019
i need to ask can i embed a flash (swf) or html games in portfolio ?
example: portfolio 1 has 10 items, press one and open a single portfolio item in a new tab and theres a game to play-
June 15,2019
Very Nice Design! I looked at several Creativ themes and through the comments… Can this theme have a “Sticky Header”? AND is the email form fairly scam proof? Thanks so much for your nice work and anticipated response. Metrail from Maine
June 14,2019
Hi, I bought your template and created a site using SiteBuilder.
I have a problem with Revolution Slider, though: it does not work and it reports no error (according to firebug).
June 13,2019
Can you please reply to my query above 3 days ago…
June 12,2019
How I can use demo page builder? Can you send me link for it? Can I export all your elements to original page builder script? I want use multiuser system.
June 12,2019
There are 15 homepage Layouts and 8 Demo versions. Good design! Does the elements of these homepage layout and demo version included inside the Page Builders? The elements inside the Page Builder which you showed online now is much lesser. Hope i make my questions clear. Thanks again!
June 11,2019
Hi there, how do I upload the zip file to wordpress? The normal upload process from the wp-admin is not working.
June 09,2019
I have a question before buy it. This theme include page builder ? I can using page builder in my computer (localhost) ??
June 09,2019
hey, im interested in purchasing i have a few questions
June 08,2019
I send my problem to your email
June 08,2019
Great work. Congrats… but… I have lot of problem like @jimtse…
June 08,2019
Hi, I am using the leftside template but the main image cuts out left and right on the PC and heavily when viewed on the smart phone. I left a private message yesterday along with the website URL..thanks
June 07,2019
Why is the shop template I downloaded different from the one in the demo ?
June 07,2019
good morning great product, i ma having some issues with the slider, i was able to change some pictures but i can’t figure out how to make them “slide”, there’s not movement
June 05,2019
I’ve just buy this great theme and I’m trying to create a page throught “build your own”, but when I try to export a model says me: “Sorry, the export option has been disabled on the preview mode”