Corpora - Clean Responsive Joomla Template

Template Description

We are very proud to present our second Responsive Joomla! template “CORPORA”. We worked hard to give it a very unique look. “CORPORA” is suitable for any kind of websites such as Portfolio, Blog Site, Business Portfolio and many more. “CORPORA” is based on powerful “Gantry Framework”.

Corpora - Clean Responsive Joomla Template


  • Supports Unlimited Color Variations
  • Fully Responsive
  • iPhone, iPAD and Mobile Support
  • Template based on Gantry Framework
  • Joomla! 2.5.x compatible
  • Clean and Fresh style
  • Ultimate Mega Menu
  • Fully Supports the powerful K2 Component
  • Option to enable CSS compression
  • All Installed Extensions (Components, Modules, Plugin) are included in the package
  • Well Documented
  • Fully compatible for all major browser including IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari
  • More than 15 suffixes to use with various modules
  • More than 90 module positions
  • Google Web Font Support
  • RokCandy plugin support with various short codes
  • Portfolio page with 2, 3 and 4 columns
  • Custom Error and Offline pages
  • Fully CSS3 support


1. Modules, Components and Plugins

2. Fonts

3. Icons

4. Image Sources (All images were used under “Creative Commons” license)

Bisco - Corporate & Business PSD Template

Key Features:

Bootstrap 1170 Grid
Free Google font
Flexible, customizable & properly organized layers
Easy to apply your own brand and color
Maximum usage of white spaces
100% pixel perfect design
Fantastic support

Files included:

2 PSD File
1 Help File

Pages Included:

01_Bisco-home_1.Don’t worry about elements, shapes and graphic, it is all ready in your main file.

Comments (30)

July 14,2019
Very nice Template
I have a problem. I can not install the template on my server.
First I installed the Gantry Framework, and all good.
After that, I installed the template, but I get the following error: “There was an error uploading this file to the server.” “Unable to find install package”
You know you can be?
July 14,2019
Hi, i installed the quickstart pack, akeeba started and anything was good.
But when i was tuning the template changing the colors (from the backend) the main menù was broken!
Another strange issue is that i’m not able to update joomla to the last release from the updater – Update: :Extension: Could not open
July 13,2019
i’ve bought your template but i cannot edit text ON sliding pics (image show GK4 v. 1.32).
July 12,2019
When viewing your demo on my phone it does not show a “mobile version” is just shows the full website sized to the width of the phone screen.
July 11,2019
Hello : demo = blank page ! No really good to make choice. Regards
July 10,2019
It´s look a great template, it works fine with joomla3? I would like to buy this item but I have a joomla 3 installation in my site.
July 09,2019
Thank you for your answer. Second question please: i deleted the grey in-home part, with 3 icons that “rotate” on rollover.
July 09,2019
Hi there, after purchasing your template, I failed installing the Quickstart Package… I unzipped the package und uploaded all files into a dedicated subfolder of my webspace (for testing). But when I try to open this folder in any browser, all I get is an 404 error…
July 07,2019
I can’t see the demo. When I click “DEMO” link I get a login alert.
July 05,2019
when i install corpora_quickstart then show Warning: “JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file” please help…
July 05,2019
Hi, love the template but having trouble turning off the gk4 image show for an article that is linked from one of the images. It displays under the image show “slider” position. I have that module only shown on the “home” menu.
July 03,2019
We are getting an allocated memory error. Does this theme require more than the 32 that most web hosting companies allocate?
June 30,2019
Hi dmsumon, and congrats for your template! It’s a very nice design.
I’ve a question about the backgrounds.
How I can do another background pattern texture like wood? I found bamboo.jpg file in images folder, but I didn’t found the way to create new background patterns.
Thanks you!
June 30,2019
is it possible to use the template for joomla 3.0
June 27,2019
Does this template come with a “Quickstart” version? – a version with all the content from the LIVE PREVIEW?
June 25,2019
I need to configure the template but i can’t find the module positions guide in Documentation.
Is my mistake or is not available in the documentation.
June 24,2019
I need to change your footer info with mine. Looked in php && mysql but nothing found (?).
June 24,2019
Hi, I installed the starter kit and got the site up and running. After i updated joomla and also updated the modules, the images on the K2Items stay fixed on a position on the center-top of the page, on top of the rest of the content (when scrolling the page, the images stay in the same place).
June 23,2019
Hi, I have a little problem. How I can change the background color of the Copyright? I can’t find the option in the template administration.
Thank you!
June 23,2019
Great theme! Just wondering if there is any way to remove some of the white blank space at the top of the template where the “suffix-promo” can optionally be? I have the “promo” turned off, and is not being used, but would like to eliminate that entire white space that remains on the template. Thank you!
June 21,2019
Needed support and it was awesome! Tks, dmsumon and congrats for the great work!
June 17,2019
Hi, Please send me instructions for sasumenu implementation. I have purchased your template.
June 16,2019
Hi, how can i get a updated documentation file?
June 14,2019
Not seeing a module positions cheat sheet.
June 14,2019
Great theme!
so, rocknavmenu missing in the zip, it requeire? right?
June 12,2019
hmm man surprised! looking great Good luck with sales
June 10,2019
Hi, i have installed the quickstart pack. But when i access my website, i have a trouble. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 78 bytes) in /home/betavisi/public_html/libraries/gantry/core/utilities/gantrylesscompiler.class.php on line 1587
June 10,2019
Hi, nice template. Is it possible to customize the (whole page) background for each article / menue item?
June 08,2019
After downloading it to my computer…Where do I go to open the template and make changes…? Sorry, not a web desginer…
June 06,2019
Very great job! Good luck with sales )