Admiral Tumblr Theme

A unique Tumblr theme for writers and readers alike. Admiral is packed with customization options and features.


(Coming Soon) September 8. 2015 Version 1.3 =====================
*Added overlay on boxes/posts for better readability
*Added succinct.js to control the post preview even if a "Read more" post is not set
*Reworked Twitter feed plugin

July  27, 2015 Version 1.2 =======================
*Fixed Tagged Page error

September 15, 2014 ============================
-Added option to remove gutters on post teasers
-Added wider grid option (default 3 columns to optional 4 columns)
-Added Google Plus +1 button

September 4, 2014 - 1.0

Post Teasers

This theme is unique in a way that it let you customize the post teasers (the preview version of your posts) the way you want to using the Read More feature of Tumblr’s post editor. Technically, only text post has the Read More/Break Point button but adding this feature to other post types is quite easy.

Admiral also gives you an option to make a post “special”. Adding a special tag on a post will make it 2x wider on larger screens. It is meant to highlight your important posts and also to make the grid a little more interesting.

Theme Features

  • All Post types supported
  • Mobile-first Responsive Web Design
  • Localized Theme Strings
  • Grid Layout (Masonry)
  • Google Fonts Integration
  • Off-canvas content (with multi-level menus)
  • Submit Form Support – let your readers submit posts
  • Ask, Search and Submit Form Modals
  • Twitter-style Infinite Scrolling
  • Social Icon Links
  • Twitter, Instagram and Flickr Widgets
  • Photo, Photoset Lightbox
  • Retina-ready, Also Serves Image Depending on your Device (Data Interchange)
  • Disqus Comments Intergration
  • Solid documentation.


Admiral Tumblr Theme

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Comments (13)

July 15,2019
I would like a refund.
This is a tumblr theme – I wanted to purchase a wordpress theme for my website.
July 14,2019
I just purchased your theme but things went wrong.
I added a post, well a picture, and added a picture under the legend and it all went upside down
Then I tried to add a post with a photo, thinking it would look like in your demo but the pic doesn’t go in the background like in a picture post
July 11,2019
Hi, I have found a small problem with thumbnails in tagged pages in mobile browsing, (Android) it seems broken in size the first one and random with the other thumbnails. The same problem appears in desktop with Safari and Firefox when reduce the browser window.
July 05,2019
First of all, thank you for this beautiful theme.
I love it and I rated it 5 stars.
July 04,2019
Hi, please help me. Your theme is not working on my site. I followed the directions, but it is not displaying correctly.
July 04,2019
hey, how do i turn preview off and only have the tittle shown on my photo?
July 01,2019
Hello can we have in future update some shortcodes like buttons, alert boxes, progress bar, etc and Font Awesome?
July 01,2019
Hi I have one feature suggestion, can we have a large picture on top of the posts content, across of blog layout with posts titles on top of that ?
June 29,2019
Are there more than one menu/nav options? I’m not a fan of the hidden nav at the top-left but would be pumped if I could move it to the top or right where it’s always visible.
June 28,2019
I have one question
i want to use this template for commercial products which version i will sell regular or extended? this mean i want to buy this and turn it to wordpress theme and upload it to themeforest
thanks .
June 18,2019
Hi, can I put 10 pictures with text to each in a post? Like a reportage? The post can be like on
June 16,2019
Hello the Lightbox in new update 1.3. not work, you can see here
Also the *Added succinct.js to control the post preview even if a “Read more” post is not set expand the bounds in front page here
I have ask in the past about the feature of big images across the content in post, do you plan anything for this? And one last can we have a font awesome in this theme and a pin button in posts? Thanks
June 15,2019
Hi Oliver, it seems the ask form not appear anymore, and one question i want to collect email address from subscribers it is possible for future update to have in the bottom of post a mailchimp form? Also I don’t like so mush the tumblr ask form because is limited, I prefer a contact form but the most not work with tumblr and is ugly maybe you can consider this also. Thanks