Delicious Tumblr Theme

Delicious is a lifestyle blog theme for everyone who wants a powerful platform for their content. So many features, including a newsletter block on post pages. It’s the perfect pro theme for bloggers.

A feature-packed pro-blog theme for creating a stunning food, drink, lifestyle or fitness blog.

Themelantic is proud to present Delicious — a stylish, on-trend Tumblr theme that makes it easy to create a powerful blog. Perfect for food and drink, health and fitness, or lifestyle blogs (but also great for any other type of project!).

  • A featured slider to showcase your latest or most popular content
  • Featured content areas to highlight tags, categories, or posts
  • A stylish blog layout for posts, recipes, or any other content
  • Multiple levels of navigation
  • Widgets for Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr
  • Integration with a MailChimp email newsletter
  • Easily change colours, typography, and design details
  • Custom logos, notes, comments, sharing, and much more
  • Showcase related posts to keep people reading

Delicious Tumblr Theme

A powerful slider makes it easy to pick your favorite images and posts, rotating them with a headline and link, to show your best content.

You can also pick three more links to share with beautiful images underneath, either to your top categories, tags, or specific posts. Either way, your best content is front-and-center!

Delicious Tumblr Theme

About Me Profile

Feature a photo of yourself, your company, or your logo, along with some description text that introduces people to your blog. Let them get to know the person behind the story, and encourage them to get in touch!

Delicious Tumblr Theme

Beautiful Posts

Posts are arranged in a blog style, with a custom design for each different type of post. We’ve built posts to look particularly good with recipe or instructional type content, but they work for any type of blog!

It’s simple for readers to like, reblog, or link to your posts, with icons underneath each post. And we show “related posts” when someone’s viewing an individual post, to help people find other posts they’ll like!

Delicious Tumblr Theme

Newsletter Integration

Delicious integrates easily with MailChimp, to show a “newsletter subscribe” box at the bottom of your site. It makes it easy for visitors to enter their email address and join your newsletter.

Your newsletter block can also show under each individual post, giving a call-to-action for readers to subscribe. A perfect way to build up a contact list of new potential customers!

Delicious Tumblr Theme

Instagram, Flickr, Dribbble, and Twitter Widgets

Delicious supports widgets for showing your photos and designs from other places — Instagram, Dribbble, or Flickr, or thoughts and links from Twitter.

Social buttons let people follow your adventures on your various social media channels — we support dozens of different icons and networks (and we’re always adding more!)

Delicious Tumblr Theme

Sharing and Likes

With one click, visitors can share your content across different social channels: Twitter, Facebook, Email, and Embed. This is in addition to all the usual Tumblr features, allowing people to like and reblog your portfolio of work. Don’t let your incredible content go unnoticed!

You can also feature the other Tumblr blogs you follow in the sidebar, and posts that you’ve liked from other blogs and locations. A great way to share the love!

Delicious Tumblr Theme

Advertising Ready

Delicious features a sidebar advertising slot for you to add advertising and sponsorship to your design, quickly and easily. A great way to feature products and services that support your business!

Don’t want this? No problem — it’s easy to turn off.

Delicious Tumblr Theme

Customise Everything

You can change any and every aspect of Delicious to match your style and personal brand. Fonts and typography, colours, layout, backgrounds, border widths — you name it, you can customise it!, but it’s simple to put your own stamp on the design (and we’re here to help you every step of the way!)

Delicious Tumblr Theme

Keyboard Navigation

A unique feature makes it easy for your readers to flick around your site, using only their keyboard.

H takes you home, R takes you to a random post, and the Left and Right arrows navigate between posts or pages. Discover a whole new way to browse your Tumblr site!

Delicious Tumblr Theme

Delicious Tumblr Theme

Here’s a list of the features present in the Delicious Tumblr Theme:

  • Responsive and Retina Ready – This theme will work great in all platform sizes and definitions. It’s modern and prepared to work in modern browsers.
  • Customizable Color Scheme – All main colors can be changed using the customizer.
  • Layout Options – with or without sidebar.
  • Slider – The homepage can have a slider with up to 3 slides.
  • Feature Boxes – Up to 3 feature boxes that you can setup with links to your favorite pages or sections.
  • Photoset Grid – Photosets will retain the custom layout and each image can be expanded using a lightbox effect.
  • Support for Related Posts – When in post view you can see related posts.
  • Keyboard Navigation – You can use the Right and Left keys on your keyboard to navigate between blog posts. Use H for home and R for random.
  • Social Sharing – Posts can be shared to Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest (photos), by email and using the embed option.
  • Widgetized Sidebar – This theme can take multiple widgets.
  • Instagram Footer – Your Instagram feed can appear in the site footer.
  • Navigation with Configurable Tags – Allows the main navigation to have a submenu that is made of tags and will categorize the content of the site.
  • Social Media Icons – You can add up to 18 social icons with links to your profiles.
  • Google Fonts – You can choose whatever font you’d like from a library of hundreds of free and optimized for the web fonts.
  • Disqus Compatible - You can add Disqus comments to your blog, just add your username.
  • Facebook Comments Compatible – You can setup Facebook comments for your blog.
  • Mailchimp Compatible – Add your Mailchimp code to have a sidebar widget, a homepage block and a post newsletter block.
  • Google Analytics Ready – Just add the code and it’s set.
  • SEO Ready – All SEO principles available to Tumblr themes were taken into account in this theme.
  • Expandable – It also features an header and footer HTML code fields for you to add your own code. And also a Widget for any code you need.
  • Ad Ready – Add up to 3 image banners on the sidebar with links.
  • Fully Documented – All of the theme options are fully documented in a PDF file and also available online in the demo site.

Delicious Tumblr Theme

The following resources have been used to create this theme:




Images used in the demo theme are from:

Delicious Tumblr Theme

May 16, 2017 — v1.0

  • Initial Release

Delicious Tumblr Theme

We’re here to help you set up your theme, and iron out any problems. Just head over to our site to file a support ticket, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours:

We’re also here to answer any quick questions on Twitter:

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Outlook will not display Google Fonts.It may use fallback fonts
GMail App uses Roboto font and will not use Google Fonts.

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July 04,2019
Will there be any updates to this soon? I’m interested, however, I get nervous with themes that don’t update.
June 27,2019
Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale
June 25,2019
Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale
June 17,2019
Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale