MMA Sports Magazine Theme

MMA-MAG is the world’s 1st MMA specialized theme. But, it is not just that, it is so much more. MMA Sports Magazine Theme is the most sophisticated theme we have developed to date. Each and every magazine theme we have created so far has helped us improve and gather valuable feedback from our users. Everything our users liked about our magazine/news themes over the past few years has been seamlessly implemented in MMA-MAG.

You can publish articles, reviews, blog posts with ease like never before, but also, you can create fighter, events, organizations, set up rankings and results.

In many ways MMA Sports Magazine Theme is 2 themes rolled into one. It is the perfect theme for publishers, bloggers and people who have passion for particular subjects and want to share their thoughts with the world, and at the same time, it is the worlds 1st MMA theme – meaning you can run a professional MMA magazine website. The best thing is, one does not interfere with the other. You can run a regular magazine website that has nothing to do with MMA, or, you can turn on the MMA plugin that comes with it, and set up an MMA magazine.

MMA Sports Magazine Theme


MMA Sports Magazine Theme 1.1
- Implemented alphabeticall order when selecting fighters from the dropdown menu.
- Events on the event page are now sorted by date.
- Fixed a bug that delayed the loading time on the slider and trending widget when ads were used on the page.
- The trending widget when set on weekly basis, will not reset to the previous year when week is finished.


MMA Sports Magazine Theme 1.2
- Fixed a bug that caused an error when a rankings list is deleted.
- All rankings lists are now 'movable' with simple drag & drop method, for better list sorting/placement.
- Fixed a bug that caused an error when a bout is deleted.
- All bouts are now 'movable' with simple drag & drop method, for better bout sorting/placement.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the 'delete bout' button to function properly.
- All fighter history bouts are also 'movable'. You can arrange the fights manually (as a workaround for the lack of 'arrange by date')
- Added an option to 'hide' fighters 'date of birth' in case it is unknown.
- Improved the super slider appearance when viewed on mobile devices.
- Improved the fighter page when viewed on mobile devices.


MMA Sports Magazine Theme 1.3
- Fixed a bug that caused the D.O.B and age to be hidden from the fighter page.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the related fighters section from appearing at the bottom of the fighter page.
- Fixed a bug that caused the rankings admin page from loading properly if lots of fighter profiles are created.

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Comments (2)

June 17,2019
When I update the result in the event part it is not updating the W/L record of the fighter on their bio page. Is there a way to make sure this happens?
June 05,2019
How can I create RANKING page, I only see widget for that but not the whole page or post with ranking listed.