Artday - Creative Shop Template

ARTDAY is a fully responsive Single Product Template built with Bootstrap Framework. Single Product Template that can be used by a creative artist, agency, shop, for selling your prints. Artday - Creative Shop Template


  • Creative Shop Design
  • 15 Fully responsive HTML template files
  • 4 home pages
  • 3 Header styles
  • 3 Blog layouts
  • Layered PSD Files included
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Infinite Fonts including Google Fonts
  • Revolution Slider
  • Parallax Sections
  • Retina ready design
  • 100% responsive on every device
  • Modals and Register Forms
  • Seo Optimised
  • Extensive Documentation
  • and much more…

Theme Updates

25 April 2016 – v1.1

* Updated: Revolution Slider ver. 5.2.4
* Fixed: Issue with IE 11

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Increate-Onepage and multipurpose landing page

Description :

Increate is onepage and multipurpose landingpage template template, designed for many kind creative marketing website.Features :

Fully responsive
Cross browser
One page style
Valid HTML5 & CSS3
Smooth HTML5 & CSS3 Transitions/Animations
4 index variant
10 flat icons
162 font icons
PSD layered
CSS animate
Working contact form
Theme components
Full documentation
And many more…

Extra page :


CB DIGNITY - One Page Portfolio Joomla Template

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Comments (50)

July 15,2019
I’m interesed in buying Artday – Creative Artist WordPress Shop ($59), but first I want to know what differences exist between this theme and Artday – Creative Shop Template ($17). It is very important to me that $59 theme has a 3D parallax operating in the X and Y axis as does the $17 theme. In the demos of both themes I notice that 3D parallax work differently but I want to know if they can work in the same way, Is this possible ?.
July 15,2019
The hero-fullscreen header does not work for me, the background image and any of the layers/text on top don’t appear
the background image only appears if the layers on top of it are removed…
July 13,2019
I was under the impression I was buying the wp version.. the regular html5 does nothing for me. heh. Could i trade out?
July 12,2019
Very nice shop item, Good Luck
July 12,2019
How to connect Instagram acc on footer?
July 11,2019
Hello, can you give me some more detail on how to add/link an image to the cart please?
July 11,2019
Hi, Your theme Artday (html version) wont load on safari, it seems to be the main head picture. I have compressed the pic down to 100kb and still doesnt load. any suggestions?
July 10,2019
OK thank waiting impatiently for the release
July 09,2019
Hi I am not happy with the theme. Not working out for me, may I please have a refund back.
July 08,2019
Hi, i just bought the theme. Looks great. Would you be able to tell me what fonts you use in the Logo? Thanks
July 07,2019
I have a problem.
When i use mobile phone open my website,the shopping cart usually move to other position.
How can I do? or you can offer me new version update to solve this problem. thank you!
July 06,2019
Hi, I want to have the same design of the demo in my subcribe form, how?
July 06,2019
when wordpress theme will be available?
July 05,2019
Since it’s an HTML theme, I am more concerned about Login, registration and cart functionality. Will I have to create my Php code for them or is this theme fully functional and all I need is to upload it to my server? Where would I receive the order notifications? Does the documentation provide connecting this theme to Database as well? Thank you in advance!
July 05,2019
you will need to refund us fully as your these is not installing from the zip file you make available, It has not file included please forward us the zip file that can be put into 4.7 wordpress via the add new these button.
July 04,2019
Hi there. I am putting together a website builder for artists and I am looking to offer customers a few different themes to choose from for their website. What are the licensing terms of this theme? and could I purchase this theme and use it to service multiple customers?
July 04,2019
I love this template! It is really well designed. I turned it into a one page site and it looks awesome. But i have this problem with internet explorer. It will display the little loading cube and won’t go any further. I checked and saw that it also does so at the non-edited version you have on themeforest. Can you please give me some advice? Thank you very much!
July 04,2019
Hi, elegant theme, just one question, can tell me the way through which I can integrate payment gateway into this site ?
July 04,2019
hi, I’m having trouble with setting an image in the about.html page. The image only appears when I begin scrolling. I checked the original code from the download and it has the same problem. How do I make the image appear immediately? Thanks,
July 03,2019
I am using IE 11, and my website with this Template can not be seen on it completly? even your Template does not work at all ; what is the solution for IE 11 ? THANKS
July 02,2019
HI Im just new in bootstrap how can i link to tab? tried adding href=”shop.html#prints” but it is not redirecting.
July 01,2019
I have to repeat my comment since I didn’t get any response. I think this is a bug in the theme I would like to find a solution.
July 01,2019
I noticed layered popups is available for the WP version which is understandable since it’s for wordpress but are the designs for the popup available in this?
July 01,2019
Purchased and downloaded .zip file for the Artday theme, however, when I try to upload it, it fails and and says that the style.css stylesheet is missing and the theme could not be installed.
June 28,2019
Hi there, I think I have purchased the wrong one (I was looking for wordpress version instead of html version), Can I please get a refund so I can purchase the correct one?
June 28,2019
Hi when do you plan to have your WP artday theme tested and ready?
June 27,2019
Hi, i am looking for the wordpress version instead of html. Can I get refund for this item?
June 26,2019
Hello, Lovely template, thanks!! Do you have instructions on how to get the shopping cart to work? It doesn’t populate when you want to add an item or remove one. Looking forward to your assistance. Thanks so much!
June 26,2019
I downloaded the themeforest them Artday and in word press I am getting the failed install because no css style sheet is included. I see from help that this is a common error and a fix is to install only the wordpress file .zip, but that does not appear to be an option.
June 26,2019
Dear devs,
The theme doesn’t show right on Android phones neither on iPhones.
The header seems to overlap the website content.
Please contact me regarding this issue, as it is stated on the description that the theme is tested cross-platforms.
Thank you,
June 24,2019
Hi, is it possible to have a sticky menu?
June 24,2019
When I try to upload my theme I get a “The Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin was unable to handle requests for this upgrade. Unfortunately, this setup may be incompatible with the plugin” message. Is it something I’m missing?
June 21,2019
hello all images are included ? and can be used ?
June 20,2019
I have problems with adding a bootstrap modal in your template.
(same issue as “LisCT” 1 year ago in your comments)
June 19,2019
Hi, I bought art day 2 weeks ago and I almost have everything set up.
I can’t find any documentation on setting up the site email in the contact forms. Can you please help as soon as you can? Or just send me a how to guide.
June 19,2019
the hero-fullscreen header doesn’t work for me, I get the error
‘Uncaught TypeError: t.toggleState is not a function’ from
June 19,2019
HI I am trying to remove the category items from the top of the page they are inserted with the filter in config.php add_filter(‘woocommerce_before_main_content’,’woss_custom_breadcrumbs’);
June 17,2019
Hi, I just bought and downloaded the art day theme. I am trying to upload it on wordpress but it gives me the error that “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”.
June 16,2019
Your Artday theme is pretty nice, I would like to know if you have Artday theme for wordpress?
June 16,2019
Hi there, great theme. Thank you!
June 15,2019
Hi I am not sure if this is an acceptable request..
June 15,2019
I wish to know if the ARTDAY template is compatible with DHL services. They offer a software /code or module that integrate their services to websites. Wonder if the template is compatible with this. Or alternatively if there is a plug in that will do the integration with the template
June 14,2019
Hi I am still waiting on a reply for my refund
June 13,2019
Good Morning. I was wondering if there was any way to have a second level to a drop down menu. For example to have level 1 in a dropdown A, B, C, D but then within A have it drop down again to 1, 2, 3, 4?
June 12,2019
Hi, why I cant add this theme to wordpress?
June 09,2019
Hi, I bought Art Day and want to reduce the height of background gray area of the 3D parallax hero (the general height of the whole thing) but can’t find where it is defined anywhere… can you help me out?
June 07,2019
I keep getting an error trying to install from zip to my wordpress
June 07,2019
hi I am unable to remove message MAKE YOUR MENU AT APPEARANCE => MENUS . I have already added the menu.. please help
June 05,2019
I am using IE 11, and my website with this Template can not be seen on it completly? even your Template does not work at all on IE11 ;
June 05,2019
Hi, I am trying to install the theme in worpress, it us giving me an error that The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Please help