Metrika - Bootstrap Material admin dashboard

Metrika - Bootstrap Material admin dashboard Metrika - Bootstrap Material admin dashboard Metrika - Bootstrap Material admin dashboard

Metrika - Bootstrap Material admin dashboard

Metrika is a responsive material design built specifically for AngularJs. Using Google’s own Material Design framework for Angular with custom services, directives, icons and styling ( together with the power of Bootstrap for making layout as easy as ever. Create your own Material themes with color combinations and bringing true material components into bootstrap.

It uses the latest version Angular 1.5 and the component method, bridging the gap between angular 1 and angular 2 with true components and componentized architecture.

It also combines different and powerful charting libraries like D3, Morris charts, Flot charts, sparkline charts and Chart Js.

It follows good practices in terms of organizing sass files and javascript files with integration for Grunt and bower.

Full documentation is also included

Feature list :

  • Material Design with ng-material from Google
  • AngularJS
  • Incredible SVG Icon set
  • scss files
  • Grunt tasks
  • Bower integration/li>
  • D3 charts
  • Chartjs Library
  • Morris charts
  • Flotcharts
  • Sparkline
  • Gauge charts
  • Bootstrap UI
  • Form validation and customization
  • Awesome single pages
  • Personal page / User profile
  • Google maps
  • Vector maps
  • Task Manager
  • Toastr notifications
  • Scrollable panels
  • Modals
  • Fab buttons and other styles
  • Weather widgets

And a lot more..

Credits :

I would like to give the respective credits for all of these projects/libraries that helped in building this theme

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Comments (7)

July 13,2019
hey, any plans on releasing static HTML version?
July 13,2019
Any chance you have PSD or AI UI files?
July 01,2019
Amazing Design, Good Luck With Sale
July 01,2019
Can this be made to work with drupal?
June 25,2019
Great job, impressive design. Best of luck
June 25,2019
Great looking theme. Just wondering – is there a material datepicker available in this? I couldnt seem to find one in the demo?
June 18,2019
I saw on your template you can make a RealTime Chart showing 1 “product” values. My need is to make a RealTime Chart that outputs 2 or more “products” and their RealTime values, is it possible? Also their values come out in RealTime from a Server door, is it possible and simple to set it up? Do you also have info in your Documentation for what I am asking?
Best Regards