Elite Admin - Multipurpose Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

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CRM Admin       University Admin       Music Admin
Real Estate Admin       Colors Admin       Wpmenu Admin
Ecommerce Admin       Hospital AdminBasic PHP Admin
Eliteadmin       Dark Admin       Mini Sidebar Admin
Horizontal Boxed Nav Admin       Horizontal Full Nav Admin       Iconbar Admin
Eliteadmin RTL Admin       Inverse RTL Admin       Landing page
Elite Admin - Multipurpose Bootstrap 4  Admin Template Three Step Registration

Eliteadmin is a premium admin dashboard template with flat design. It is fully responsive admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap 4 Framework, HTML5 and CSS3, Media query. It has a huge collection of reusable UI components and integrated with latest jQuery plugins. It can be used for all type of Web applications like custom admin panel, app backend, CMS or CRM.


13+ Different Dashboards
20 Different Demos
Wpmenu Demo which has a menu like wordpress backend, admin with wordpress menu (New)
Material Design Dashboard Version (New)
Elite Admin – Modern Dashboard (New)
9 Color Skins
Clean and Modern Landing Page Included (Free $18)
Data Table Export to CSV, Excel, PDF, Copy and Print
Main PSD Files Included (Free $12)
Range Slider
Light and Dark Color Schemes
Light/Dark Sidebar Themes
2000+ pages
500+ Ui Components
RTL Support Lots of widgets
Bootstrap 3x
3000+ Fonts Icons
Fully Responsive pages
Lessbase CSS
Easy to customize
Many Charts Options
Multi File upload
Lots of Table Examples
Validation Forms

Lots of ready to use plugins.

  • - Main Menu
  • Dashboard 4
    • Minimalistic
    • Demographical
    • Analitical
    • Simpler
  • Applications
  • UI Elements 13
    • Buttons
    • Sweat alert
    • Typography
    • Grid
    • Tabs
    • Stylish Tabs (New)
    • User Cards (New)
    • Modals
    • Progress Bars
    • Notifications
    • Carousel
    • List & Media object (New)
    • Timeline
    • Horizontal Timeline (New)
    • Nesteble
    • Range Slider (New)
    • Bootstrap UI
    • Stylish Tooltip (New)
  • Forms
    • Basic Forms
    • Form Layout
    • Form Addons
    • Form Material
    • Form with Float input (New)
    • File Upload
    • Form Mask
    • Form Validation
    • File Dropzone
    • Form-pickers
    • Image cropping (New)
    • Form-wizards
    • Typehead (New)
    • X-editable
    • Summernote (New)
    • Bootstrap wysihtml5
    • Tinymce wysihtml5
  • - Proffessional
  • Sample Pages 15
    • Starter Page (New)
    • Blank Page
    • Lightbox Popup (New)
    • Email template (New)
      • Basic (New)
      • Alert (New)
      • Reset Password (New)
      • Billing (New)
    • Treeview (New)
    • Search Result (New)
    • Utility Classes (New)
    • Custom Scroll (New)
    • Login Page
    • Login page v2 (New)
    • Animations (New)
    • Profile
    • Invoice
    • FAQ
    • Gallery
    • Pricing
    • Register
    • Register V2 (New)
    • 3 Step Registration (New)
    • Recover Password
    • Lock Screen
    • Error 400
    • Error 403
    • Error 404
    • Error 500
    • Error 503
  • Charts
    • Flot Charts
    • Morris Chart
    • Chart-js
    • Peity Charts
    • Sparkline charts
    • Knob charts (New)
    • Extra Charts
  • Tables 7
    • Basic Tables
    • Table layouts (New)
    • Data Table
    • Bootstrap Tables
    • Responsive Tables
    • Editable Tables
    • FooTables
    • JsGrid Tables
  • Widgets
  • Icons
    • Font awesome
    • Themify Icons
    • Simple line Icons
    • Linea Icons
    • Weather Icons
  • Google Map
  • Vector Map
  • Calendar
  • Multi-Level Dropdown
    • Second Level Item
    • Second Level Item
    • Third Level
      • Third Level Item
      • Third Level Item
      • Third Level Item
      • Third Level Item
  • Log out
  • - Support
  • Documentation
  • Gallery
  • Faqs

V5.3 22nd- April- 2019

  nouislider - 11.0.3 - to - 13.1.4<br />
  raty-js - 2.8.0 - to - 2.9.0<br />
  bootstrap-colorpicker - 2.5.2 - to-3.1.1<br />

    bootstrap-table            1.12.2                ADD SOME EXTRA TABLES    --<br />

    ckeditor                4.9.2                4.11.3<br />

    inputmask            4.0.6                Add 2 new feature        --<br />

    masonry-layout            4.2.1                4.2.2<br />

    perfect-scrollbar            0.6.11                1.4.0            --<br />

    pickadate            3.5.6                3.6.3<br />

    raphael                2.2.7                2.2.8            --<br />

    summernote            0.8.10                0.8.11            --<br />

    tablesaw                3.0.9                3.1.2            --<br />

V5.2 6th- Mar- 2019

[updated] bootstrap to v4.3.1

V5.2 5th- Jan- 2019

[updated] bootstrap to v4.2.1 and detail changelog is with the package.

V5.1 – Dec 15, 2018

[updated] bootstrap – to v4.1.3

V5.0 – July 11, 2018

[updated]         bootstrap                 -     to v4.1.1  

[updated]         bootstrap-select.min.js                 -     to v1.13.1  

[updated]        fontawesome-all.min.css                -    to the leatest version

[updated]        cropper.min.js                    -    to v4.0.0

[updated]        typeahead.jquery.min.js                -    to v0.11.1

[updated]        bootstrap-editable.min.js                -    to v1.5.1

[updated]        summernote-bs4.min.js                -    to v0.8.10

[updated]        tinymce.min.js                    -    to v4.7.11

[updated]        datatables.min.js                    -    to v1.10.18

[updated]        footable.min.js                    -    to v3.1.5

[updated]        jquery.inputmask.bundle.js                -    to v3.3.11

[updated]        bootstrap-tagsinput.min.js                -    to v0.6.1

[updated]        bootstrap-datepicker.min.js                -    to v1.8.0

[updated]        jquery.bootstrap-touchspin.min.js            -    to v4.2.5

[updated]        jquery.multi-select.js                    -    to v0.9.12

[updated]        daterangepicker.js                    -    to v3.0.3

[updated]        moment.js                    -    to v2.22.2

[updated]        bootstrap-timepicker.min.js                -    to v0.5.2

[updated]        jquery-clockpicker.min.js                -    to v0.0.7

[updated]        jquery-asColorPicker.min.js                -    to v0.4.4

[updated]        jquery-asGradient.min.js                -    to 0.3.2

[updated]        dropify.min.js                    -    to v0.2.1

[updated]        ion.rangeSlider.min.js                -    to v2.1.6

[updated]        jsgrid.min.js                    -    to v1.5.3

[updated]        tablesaw.jquery.js                    -    to v3.0.9

[updated]        jquery.dataTables.js                    -    to v1.10.13

[updated]        bootstrap-treeview.min.js                -    to v1.2.0

[updated]        jquery.magnific-popup.min.js                -    to v1.1.0

[updated]        morris.min.js                    -    to v0.5.0

[updated]        chartist.min.js                    -    to v0.11.0

[updated]        jquery.sparkline.min.js                -    to v2.1.2

[updated]        jquery.peity.min.js                    -    to v3.3.0

[updated]        select2.full.min.js                    -    to v4.0.6 rc-1

[updated]        sweetalert.min.js                    -    to v7.25.0

[updated]        jquery.flot.js                    -    to v0.8.3

[updated]        Chart.min.js                    -    to v2.7.2

V4.1 – April 18, 2018

-Fix mobile landscape view 
- Fix mask jquery error problem

V4.1 – Apr 11, 2018

- New Demo Added Cryptocurrency
Eliteadmin Cryptocurrency

V4.0 – Feb 12, 2018

- Update to Bootstrap4 Stable version
- Improved coding structure
- Update less to Sass
- Removed lenia icons 
- Updated Documentation 

V3.6 – Nov 20, 2017

1) updated documentation with more thirdparty plugin's docs links

2) in sidebar, white background on active anchor tag is corrected.

V3.4 – April 19, 2017

-Updated to Bootstrap 4

V3.3 – March 07, 2017

- Updated 33 plugins library to their latest version
    01). Bootstrap datepicker to v1.7.0
    02). Bootstrap daterangepicker to v2.1.25
    03). Bootstrap Select2 to v1.12.2
    04). Bootstrap Switch to v3.3.4
    05). Bootstrap table to 1.11.1
    06). Bootstrap tagsinput to v0.8.0
    07). Bootstrap touchspin to v3.1.2
    08). Full calendar to v3.2.0
    09). Image cropper to v3.0.0
    10). Data table to v1.10.13
    11). Dropify to v0.2.1
    12). Dropzone to latest
    13). Flot chart to v0.8.3
    14). Flot tooltip to v0.9.0
    15). Gridstack to v0.3.0
    16). jquery to v3.1.1
    17). tiny-editable to custom change
    18). sparkline to v2.1.2
    19). jquery ui to v1.12.1
    20). Jquery wizard master to v0.4.3
    21). Jsgrid master to v1.5.3
    22). Moment js to v2.17.1
    23). icheck to v1.0.2
    24). ION range slider to v2.1.6
    25). jquery to v3.1.1
    26). Multiselect to v0.9.12
    27). Peity chart to v3.2.1
    28). Raphael to latest
    29). sweetalert to latest
    30). switchery to v0.8.2
    31). summernote to v0.8.2
    32). bootstrap timepicker to v0.1.0 
    33). tinymce to v4.5.4
- Added Draggable Panel
- Added Draggable Portlet
- Added Bootstrap Switch
- Added Date Paginator
- Added Ribbons
- Added Steps Page
- Added Session Idle timeout
- Added Session Timeout
- Added Form Icheck-controls

V3.1 – 22 November, 2016 ( Now Became Multipurpose admin template)

- Added Hospital Admin Demo
- Added CRM Admin Demo
- Added University Admin Demo 
- Added Music Admin Demo 
- Added Real-estate Admin Demo
- Added 3 Step Registration 

V2.5 – 27 October, 2016

- Added 3 different color in new demo of (eliteadmin-colors)
- Updated bootstrap 3.3.6 to 3.3.7
- Added Real estate dashboard 
- Added Add property page
- Added property Listing page
- Added property detail page
- Added property listing with three column
- Added property listing with four column

V2.4 – 30 September, 2016

- Added Basic PHP version (In php version we only included header, leftsidebar, rightsidebar and footer files only)

V2.3 – 22 September, 2016

- Added New Demo for eliteadmin-wpmenu ( menu like wordpress backend ) 
- Added Form Float input (Animated form )
- Added Table Layouts
- Added Knob charts

V2.2 – 1 September, 2016

- Added New Demo for Material Design ( Eliteadmin-material-design )

V2.1 – Aug 30, 2016

- Added New Demo Eliteadmin-modern

V1.8 – Aug 25, 2016

- Added Image cropping
- Added Login variation 2
- Added Register variation 2
- Added Horizontal Timeline
- Added List and Media object
- Added User cards

V1.7 – Aug 19, 2016

- Added 4 Email Template
  - Basic
  - Alert
  - Billing
  - Password reset

V1.6 – Aug 16, 2016

- Added Static Chat Application
- Added Typehead
- Added Contact / Employee List
- Added Second Variation of Contact / Employee List
- Added Contact / Employee Details

V1.5 – Aug 11, 2016

- Added Main Psd files
- Added Summernote

V1.5 – Aug 10, 2016

- Added Landing Page with Package
- Data Table Export (CSV, Excel, PDF, Copy & Print)
- Added New Demo For Minisidebar
- Added 9 New Page Templates
   - Animations 
   - Search Result
   - Treeview
   - lightbox
   - Custom-Scroll
   - Utility classes
   - Range-slider
   - Starter Page
   - Megamenu

V1.4 – July 31, 2016

- Added 12 New Styles for Tabs
- Added 12 New Styles for Tooltips

V1.3 – July 26, 2016

- Added Eliteadmin Dark Version
- Added Eliteadmin Horizontal nav with fullwidth

V1.2 – July 22, 2016

- Added E-commerce Version with 7 New Pages
  - E-commerce Dashboard
  - Products
  - Product Detail
  - Product Edit
  - Product Orders
  - Product Cart
  - Product Checkout  

V1.1 July 19, 2016

- Added RTL Version of Two demos (eliteadmin-inverse-rtl & eliteadmin-rtl)

Comments (180)

July 16,2019
Hi, I love this template. How can I use eliteadmin demo design in Angular Starter Kit? Thanks.
July 16,2019
Hi, I think this theme is a copy of your template…the author just change some colors but even your login.html is the same…https://themeforest.net/item/monster-admin-most-complete-bootstrap-4-admin-template/19941630?s_rank=5
July 15,2019
do you think I can combine the dark theme with the horizontal menu? you have an example of this combo?
July 15,2019
When will a new version be released from angular version?
July 14,2019
On package.json I see this – “jqueryui”: “^1.12.1”
July 14,2019
Make an angularjs version and I would purchase for sure.
July 14,2019
Hi there, great work is full calendar included with this and working as in connected to DB?
July 14,2019
Please fix demos URL on http://eliteadmin.themedesigner.in/ Some demos are not found.
July 13,2019
can you add feature direction ” rtl ” to this template ? and do you this any additional cost?
July 13,2019
Hi, once you implement the dashboard, how do you populate it with data? Is it imported via csv or via API? Can you have your own custom data structure?
July 13,2019
do you plan to create a mobile ui kit as well that looks the same?
July 13,2019
Any idea how do i fix the jquery nestable to rtl (so the sorting button will be on the right side and the dragging & dropping will be from the right)?
July 12,2019
Is there a javascript file or something to make the “Steps” section work? I want to implement it instead of the normal tabs but it seems that it’s only a static display.
July 12,2019
I liked it ! will an RTL version be released soon ? I hope that
July 11,2019
How to implement this theme on angular4?
July 11,2019
Beautiful design, excellent work.
Before i make my purchase i have to ask something.
July 11,2019
Hi. I intend to purchase this theme but I need to know if you are still offering support for it, as for example at the 1st look I saw some errors – Login V2 on mobile is showing only blank page and no login form… Please replay to me asap as I need to take my decision. Best regards, Mihai.
July 11,2019
Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale
July 10,2019
The template is giving me different results using Edge, Firefox and Google Chrome. How can I send you a print screen of what is happening to me?
July 10,2019
Amazing Template. Good luck with the sales
July 10,2019
Hi i want to know is this work with google cal and can this let guest use login to use it ?
July 10,2019
Hey, I was wondering to buy this but in the demo i am unable scroll the side navigation. Is this a bug?
July 10,2019
Are you planning to do AngularJS version?
July 09,2019
Icons on the weather widget go missing when copied to other page.
i added this as well. Still not working. What could be wrong?
July 09,2019
How do I use this template for angular 6 project?
July 08,2019
Hello, this template is compatible with this Bridge theme?
July 08,2019
I wish the tabs section can have unlimited tabs. With an arrow that allow us to see the rest of the tabs.
July 08,2019
how to print only , and in chat page in [eliteadmin-inverse-rtl/chat.html , eliteadmin-rtl/chat.html ] need css fix
July 08,2019
in mobile : http://prntscr.com/btz88h
July 07,2019
Hi, nice. Does this include integrated admin/user system with php/mysql?
July 07,2019
Is there any custom Confirmation Dialog for delete entry from table?
July 07,2019
I noticed that your demo site is using sweetalert2 plugin, but the download on here still using the old version. When can we expect the update files?
July 07,2019
I would like to ask two quiestion.
July 07,2019
Hi does your theme have DKK currency convertor?
July 07,2019
Hi…. good design for me….i want to ask…. when i am using stylish toolltips in the tabel…. tooltips showing behind table box. how to solve it?
July 07,2019
Hello, Can I use this for wordpress website on woo commerce for commerce and crowdfunding?
July 07,2019
hello best maruti if i loading the the html pages i get a still loading page with elite admin on it here a picture http://prntscr.com/l2w8b3 i want to view it but i have set this to in my directorys http://prntscr.com/l2w8mq i bought this script one year ago but why does it bug when i open it from directory ? can u contact me back greetings bryan
July 06,2019
Good design, add a complete datatable CRUD with modal.
good job…
July 06,2019
Hey maruti,
I bought the design but I don’t see any PSD files….:/ It would be great if I can possibly get the PSD files since your website even says that for $18 we get the PSD.
July 06,2019
Hi, are all preset templates? Could I combine different graphs from different models?
July 06,2019
hi, i want to change the icons. what are the icons you using? font awesome or something else? and where and how to change
July 05,2019
Hello, I tried to use helper classes .b-t .b-b but it’s not working and not found in css file also
July 05,2019
I do not see any landing page design but only the dashboard examples on this address that you have provided to other people http://eliteadmin.themedesigner.in/
Also the documentation link is giving a 404 error http://eliteadmin.themedesigner.in/demos/eliteadmin-inverse/documentation.html
Could you provide me with working ones. I this theme updated…I am afraid to buy it and find it is all and the support is not good
July 05,2019
Hi, Actually I want to build Dashboard for my manager to monitor aircraft statistic using chart. I’m very interested on this template, but I’m totally zero on setup this template. I have no background on coding, I only know to setup hosting, domain and wordpress. How to create the dashboard using this template? Do you have any manual/guidance for me to refer?
July 05,2019
Hi! Thanks for your amazing work!
July 05,2019
Great works Marutibhai, Nice work. Proud of you.
July 05,2019
Hello. I want a php version that is RTL, what should I do?
July 04,2019
Question, the title says it is Bootstrap 4, but the internal files appear to be Bootstrap 3.x. These have been some drastic changes Bootstrap 4 from Bootstrap 3.x, how are you going to update the project?
July 04,2019
Hello, I have a question.
I can’t choose print landscape when I use google chrome browser
July 04,2019
really interest with this template. but, do you have example page for projects/task tracker ?
July 04,2019
Im really interested in using simply the chart themes that you have put together. Any suggestions for removing all the other “junk” that i dont need any only keeping whats needed for the charts? Also, do you by chance include any logic for creating that charts with php/mysql?
July 03,2019
Could you add to “Utility Classes” classes to set font size?
July 03,2019
Hi, Just wanted to find out if there is language support for this and if not, what would you advice is the best way to go about adding a language support.
July 03,2019
Bootstrap’s native carousel is not working anymore. It was working when only suports bootstrap 3.x
July 03,2019
What processes can I install, are there instructions or tutorials, on how to make charts work, for example if I want to send data from google analytics in your Elite Admin.
July 03,2019
Hi, I bought your Ample Admin theme which was discontinued shortly after and is no longer available for download. This looks like the same thing and surely I should be allowed access to this? Thanks.
July 03,2019
can i use it for wordpress ?
July 03,2019
Hi. Do you give the possibility to hide elements depending on the screen size?
July 03,2019
Hi, I sent mail to your Gmail Regarding this template (http://eliteadmin.themedesigner.in/demos/bt4/ecommerce/) Kindly Provide More Info about Google Maps. I am Expecting Quick Reply
July 03,2019
Working on a client site with this theme and am getting the error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’<’ in /tmp/theme_temp_setupM7bHfs on line 2
July 03,2019
Hi, Just want to confirm this template is HTML? and also have a SWIPE menu function? like a app menu, slide from left to right? Thank you!
July 02,2019
Presales question, lol – It looks damn sexy but like I cant grasp how this is used in a practical way? I know im being abit dumb, but like this isn’t wordpress intergrated I assume, I would assume it’s an admin backend but would be alot of code to intergrate into something?
July 02,2019
Is there any extension so that it will support angularjs
July 02,2019
why poppins font does not display well in firefox ? thx
July 02,2019
please how i can fix bs4 transition problem such this
July 02,2019
Do you have front end pages? We are actively looking for angular 4 based admin and front site. so please let us know do you have RTL based front pages also?
July 01,2019
If I Buy this template, Can I get All Demos?
July 01,2019
hi. i need help with the Data Export table please..
July 01,2019
I need to use a new logo replacing eliteadmin-logo.png inside div class logo
But new logo is higher and this change also height section where is search textboox (
June 30,2019
A very different layout, I like it!
June 30,2019
hello, do have a version of style.css not scrambled? I need a copy of it pls. because the one it comes with the download is scrambled and I cannot modify it.
June 30,2019
Hi there, just a quick pre-sales question, though this seems to be really awesome. Is it possible to create posts (custom types as well) through the elite admin platform that the users don’t have to see the backend? thanks a million!
June 30,2019
How I can do like this https://db.tt/lkmqqlc4Jq
I need to create gallery photos for product.
June 29,2019
Tienes vídeos tutoriales sobre como crear o modificar los scss a css, ejemplo para los colores (ejemplo añadir colores como morado o amarillo), como modificar el tamaño general de la web ejemplo esta en 16px, para pasarlo a 12px etc? ya que en su documentación no explica mucho. para las personas que no conocen muy bien aun el scss a css. seria una gran ayuda para poder personalizar la plantilla al gusto. (Sugerencia: seria bueno que tuvieran su canal de youtube como documental o guía para personalizar la plantilla). gracias!! muy bonita plantilla
June 29,2019
This item is also available other market !!
June 29,2019
Hello, can you please let me know how to use entire template altogether. I only see html files. I thought it is an angular template. Will be awaiitng for your kind reply.
June 29,2019
Awesome dashboard & beautiful work. is there any functionality for data export in csv format?
June 29,2019
Hello, would you help to installe the files and make it work correctly on the basis of my needs ? Please, with additional fee ofc..
June 28,2019
are u kinding me… u have poor docs… and envato says well docs lol:))) show to me in your docs where are the config to boxed layout or how the menu are make… for that dont have to buy… its only show source code script… poor poor i need my money back…
June 28,2019
Could you please guide me to how I can remove the SALES ANALYTICS div without effect in Weather Div?
Because once I remove SALES ANALYTICS div from the html it’s effect with weather animation stopped.
June 28,2019
Hey there, great template. Is this a reseller dashboard. Can I have my clients create an account and use for their business? Thanks.
June 27,2019
Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale
June 27,2019
For how long can I use the Template? If I buy the “Extended License”? Can I have multiple companies using the same theme? Such as, Doctors offices or dental offices? Thank you, I hope you can give a clear answer!
June 27,2019
Thank you for the help and feedback!! For anyone else, dumb like me… The ‘installation instructions’ that are provided are too literal. The ASSETS folder needs to be inside template folder, next to the index.html – not a folder layer up (like how I read the installation instructions). Support was 10/10 – just thought it might help someone else!!
June 26,2019
I liked the template. congratulations
If I buy a template will come along some frontend or landing page?
June 26,2019
WOW!Nice Work,Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale
June 26,2019
Hi, how make header from “iconbar” themes and left sidebar from “default”?
June 26,2019
Hello, I use a site wordpress real estate, how to synchronize my property with your crm?
June 26,2019
How would you keep the state (closed/open) of the left side menu across pages?
June 25,2019
Is it possible to use this theme without icons? I don’t want icons to show in the side-bar while it’s open or closed.
June 25,2019
Hi, I like your template. Is there a plan for hotel and restaurant? Booking?
June 25,2019
hi do you have tutor to connect the admin template to other website? it’s using php?
June 24,2019
would I be able to use any template for my self if I buy a standard licence (I wont sell the page that I would make with it), I will make profit with the page selling products.
June 24,2019
If you shrink down the template in Safari the menubar does not look correct.
June 24,2019
How would I add additional levels in you menu system? I have already purchased a copy of this site and trying to figure out how. If I can get it working, we will be buying a site license
June 24,2019
Hi, i want to custom logo elite-admin. Please give me logo psd for crm admin, thank you so much
June 24,2019
Hi there! This is a HTML template. How to connect with data? No use is made of PHP with database. How do you get graphs and information to work with real data – or with other words – how to make this dynamic?
June 24,2019
Hi there. I´m implementing the dark theme and it´s awesome. However I found out an small issue on the material style for the login/register form. When a field is selected/hightlighted, the writen text is so dark that is hard to see. How can I set a custom css style to override that color? (I´ve been trying but my css skills are far from ideal).
Thank you!
June 23,2019
Hi, How I can change Icon in menu item? where I can see icon library?
June 23,2019
hello, how do i know js/css dependencies for each form and UI element.. Do you have a documentation for that
June 22,2019
Would I be able to create an app that uses elements from the material design demo & ecommerce?
June 22,2019
Hey! i hope my question won’t be laughable… when you mean Admin for E-Commerce, does it mean this can work with Wordpress? Or can this be used to work with an HTML E-commerce template? I have an HTML E-Commerce template that i need a CMS system to connect it with. Any ideas?
June 22,2019
Hey cool stuff. So i buy, download, extract the html/css/js files and starting building my backend with my php code? im gonna do this on Wordpress and i usually use html code. then i enqueue the css/js. is there anything else im missing here? thank you. looking forward to reply
June 22,2019
Hi there! Let me know, how to change this icons – http://joxi.ru/Q2K758Bs9B59D2 ? And where is list of possible icons?
June 22,2019
Hey, what do you mean by PHP version, can you please explain?
June 22,2019
The gray-dark and gray skin colors are not included in style.css and the result is transparent. I am using real estate dashboard1. Thanks
June 22,2019
Error in mask.js
link: http://eliteadmin.themedesigner.in/demos/bt4/cryptocurrency/form-mask.html
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘msie’ of undefined
at r.focusEvent (mask.js:7)
at HTMLInputElement.e (jquery-3.2.1.min.js:2)
at HTMLInputElement.dispatch (jquery-3.2.1.min.js:3)
at HTMLInputElement.q.handle (jquery-3.2.1.min.js:3)
June 21,2019
How to implement for angular js? I installed custom.js, but not working
June 21,2019
Hey, the white-box component overrides the equal column height setting from the bootstrap. Any suggestions how to fix it?
June 20,2019
hey! first of all great job with this template! i did a small jquery validation on the register form i have removed it from the class and after the form is completely filled i trigger addClass() for the next and i have a small issue when i add the next class it doesn’t trigger the next step any suggestions in this matter?
June 20,2019
is pull-right working with latest version?
June 20,2019
Hi! Will you update bootstrap to v.4Beta? Beacause I did a test and the left nav drowpdown menus shows a render error when open. Seems to be something with the animation that shows a part of the submenu last item until its fully opened.
Thank you.
June 19,2019
How I can to do these https://db.tt/SlLFURVhuI 1) Put menu on center. 2) Do search box longer.
June 19,2019
Hi. Does each theme support rtl mode or just 2 of them only?
June 19,2019
I think the admin interface should have a file manager and file manager in popup
June 19,2019
I purchased the Elite Admin template and downloaded it and found that the JS and CSS files in the template have been compressed. Do I need an uncompressed version of the static file. My email is [email protected], thank you!
June 19,2019
Good morning, I am trying to buy a template, and at the time of making the payment I receive an error that says it has not been possible to complete the payment. I do not use a PayPal account, I use a direct card and then I give it a check on the button that says “I do not want to open a Paypal account”. I have not bought anything due to the problem, however I receive a message saying that an online purchase was made in Paypal for $ 1.00, I thought it was a mistake and I went back to try different times more and I have retired so far $ 6.00. I AM DEFINITELY VERY DISCOMFORTABLE AND ANNOYED BY THIS SITUATION, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE THAT I DO NOT ACQUIRE ANYTHING AND THEY ARE CHARGING ME MONEY LIKE THAT, I DEMAND AN EXPLANATION!
June 19,2019
can we use this theme on asp.net core 2 with Entity Frame work and Microsoft MVC. note we don’t want to use angular framework
June 19,2019
hello I sent you a mail about the chrome scroll.
June 19,2019
may i know, how do i build or design using this IU kit? i mean this is plugin? and if i installed, then how i to do to get the design
June 18,2019
whats new in the latest update?
June 17,2019
Literally awesome design here… do you have any future plans to convert this into a wordpress version?
June 17,2019
Do we get all the demo versions with this package.
June 17,2019
Hello, have you eliminated the ANGULAR version? There is no example folder when you download the last update of the topic
June 17,2019
Hi !
Will you add a step by step register form soon ?
It’s just the missing thing ouf this awesome template !
congratulations !
June 17,2019
Hi MARUTI team,
I have purchased the EliteAdmin template. However, I cannot find the PSD file as you mentioned in the introduction of this template.
Please provided me the main PSD files, because I need to edit them to fit with my services. I bought this template because of PSD files, otherwise that will worthless for me.
Thank you!
June 16,2019
Hi ,Can I expect an Angular(>2) version? It’ll be great if done so.All my apps which are on development stage is using angular,but facing lot of issues with the integration of Elite Admin.Even I’m ready to pay extra for the version If you release so
June 16,2019
Hi, can you make angular version? Have you this plan?
June 16,2019
do you use bower as package manager? and do you use SASS with best practice (separated file for each component)? There is folder structure somewhere to see? Thanks
June 16,2019
I’ve downloaded latest package and can’t seem to find included PSD file (at least according to description there should be a PSD file). Please advise.
June 16,2019
Hello can i use the admin panel for a mlm website with genealogy tree?
June 16,2019
Hello ,
Good Template, interested to buy it . But found footer related issue in some pages in mobile view. Checked that the height of the footer is very log, most of the part is blank ( http://eliteadmin.themedesigner.in/demos/eliteadmin-crm/crm-leads.html). I have observed in many pages. Also in few pages the footer remains proper (like hospital admin page). So if you are going to provide solution for it , I am ready to buy this.
June 16,2019
At the login page, when a user enters a wrong username/password, I want to show an error notice. I like the notifications that are shown on the notification.html page. Especially the “Alert Top Full width” would be nice but this alert is not hiding itself after a couple seconds like with the “Danger Messsage” alert…
June 15,2019
in your Theme PDF Format is Portrait But we required landscape Format so how we can do
June 15,2019
I plan to buy this theme. We are using Angular 4 in our project, Could you please confirm me that this theme works with Angularjs 4 and support Boostrap 4?. is theme build on Angular4 code?
June 15,2019
our team was very like this theme ,but pls have angularjs version.thanks
June 15,2019
Can edit chart information in the Draggable Portlet framework, such as: setting the background color, changing the style, etc.
Can give a mail address, I send the demand to you, the extra cost we bear, thank you
June 14,2019
Hi, first i am really loving your theme. keep up the good work.
June 14,2019
I’d love to buy this beautiful work. However, can you fix this? http://themedesigner.in/demo/eliteadmin-package/eliteadmin-mini-sidebar/sweatalert.html when the alert appears something moves up the background a little.
June 14,2019
Pre-sale question : do I have a chance to customize and configure your template – easy, clean and well organised sources and folders – if I don’t use Bower that I totally don’t know ? I’ve just bought http://getbootstrapadmin.com/remark/ which is totally unapropriated if you don’t konw grunt ou gulp for example. This is a really important point to me. Thanx
June 14,2019
I think the documentation could be much better.
June 14,2019
Can the theme be use with npm
June 14,2019
When i user fix-sidebar if we use a laptop and not using external mouse..we can’t scrolling sidebar….because scroller for sidebar not visible…
June 14,2019
I have taken a surprise with this template. I do not understand how envato allows to add a template without a database to show the data presented in the demo. Those who do not know how to program have a big problem. Why do I want a crm without a database? There are templates in crm packaging very very complete and include the databases to be able to handle them.
If they include the database would continue with this template and would be great, but otherwise I would like to return the money, since there are other options for the same price. They can not say “easy to customize” advertising when it is not easy. It is a template that dynamically, so it must go with dynamic data.
June 13,2019
hello , you can load data from an Excel spreadsheet ?
June 13,2019
metisMenu plugin version 2.5.2 is out.
June 12,2019
In the form with validation wizards, how should I insert the form submission file? O Action?
June 12,2019
why you put “plugins” directory in another directory than html pages ? i have problem with that, how to fix ?
June 12,2019
Hi.It’s me again!
I found a issue.
In the form-float-input.html.
Warning State , Success Stat, Error Stat ,
Warning State With Feedback.
This problem exists in Safari.
If I type some text,
part of the content is blocked.
I found it’s font-size issue, because I can scroll the content.
June 12,2019
Do you have design for filter on ecommerce shop page? Like this https://db.tt/9FmSTEXXnM or may be better
June 12,2019
Hi Author,
Your admin panel is awesome But I have a noob question. Actually I want to know that what is the use of admin panel ? How can I use it ? As this panel does not supports backend database then from where the values and details are coming up ?
Please tell me if I buy this panel then where can I use ?
June 11,2019
It,s a beaufiul template.
I would like to ask when the frontend page will arrive?
June 11,2019
I would like you to please send me the psd files. [email protected] please and thank you.
June 11,2019
Hi, first this is a beautiful template with very clean and well commented code. In a future update, can you add form validation for the login and registration page templates?
June 11,2019
where do I get the css editable?
June 11,2019
Are you able to add
1. Several front-end landing page, with some mobile screen example.
2. Are you able to provide several job portal html file
June 10,2019
Hi, I have problem with Select2 plugin. When I use it with AJAX I have an error “Option ‘ajax’ is not allowed for Select2 when attached to a