Londinium - responsive bootstrap 3 admin template

Londinium overview

Londinium – a new premium admin skin with lots of custom elements, 35+ plugins and very flexible content structure. Londinium is powered with Bootstrap framework, includes 2 columns liquid structure with 4 level navigation and 2 sidebar options, horizontal and vertical navigation structures. Compatible with Bootstrap 3.1.1 and latest jquery versions. Integrated bootstrap plugins add an extra easy to use components to custom stuff like buttons, dropdown menus, different button sizes and many other features. Londinium is a responsive template, which means it is compatible with mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad. 12 columns grid for main content and widgets makes the whole template very flexible for different types of data and content. Londinium admin template contains the most useful Bootstrap components and other jQuery plugins.

Supports 2 sidebar versions – wide and narrow, which is left or right aligned. Also Bootstrap default navbar menus add extra functionality for horizontal navigation layout option.
Londinium template uses CSS3 animation for almost all existing components and elements, such as links, buttons, dropdowns, tooltips, popovers, charts etc.
Also there is a custom Icomoon icon font available by default, which contains 850+ high quality icon glyphs, based on 16px grid.

Please, if you found any bugs, strange look or have any suggestions – don’t hesitate to let me know, i will do my best to fix those issues as soon as possible. Usual support available: Mon – Fri, 9:00 – 20:00 CET


Full features list

  • Liquid 2 columns layout
  • Wide and narrow sidebars
  • Left or right sidebar positions
  • Static or fixed top navbar
  • Fully responsive layout
  • Top horizontal navigation
  • 4 level main navigation menu
  • Collapse sidebar
  • Disabled navigation items feature
  • Custom info blocks, grid buttons and widgets
  • Integrated Flot charts
  • Page tabbed interface
  • Custom form snippets
  • Team members page
  • Profile page
  • Animated styled checkboxes and radios
  • Spinners with mousewheel support and support of globalization
  • Checkbox toggles
  • Date range picker with custom layout
  • Language switch menu
  • Custom search dropdown with autocomplete
  • Custom Icomoon icon font integrated
  • Styled basic tables
  • Form components:
    • Basic inputs: text and password fields, placeholder, max value, predefined value, disabled and read only fields, textarea etc.
    • 3 input sizes
    • Form helpers: text and labels
    • Hover and Focus tooltips
    • Fields with left and right aligned icons
    • Validation classes
    • Group addons: icons, buttons, text, checkboxes, radios, dropdowns.
    • Textareas: elastic and with counter
    • Tags input
    • Animated styled checkboxes and radios, including 5 color schemes
    • Styled single file uploader
    • Set of unstyled form components: selects, radios, checkboxes, file input
    • Spinner with mousewheel support
    • Multiselect and single select
    • Select2 dropdowns with/without search
    • Multiple selects
    • iOS like Bootstrap toggles
    • Masked inputs
    • Listbox with filtering
    • Advanced HTML5 inputs
    • Form layouts: vertical, horizontal, bordered, separated, inside/outside panel
    • 12 columns responsive inputs grid
    • WYSIWYG editor: inside panel, outside panel, inside modal.
    • Form validation
    • Multiple file uploader with drag/drop support
    • Custom form snippets
  • Advanced datatables:
    • Inside and outside panel
    • Bordered datatable
    • Striped datatable
    • Hover cell datatable
    • Condensed datatable
    • Bordered and striped datatable
    • Datatable with tools menu
    • 2 types of pagination
    • Datatable with selectable rows
  • Interface components:
    • Modals: default dialog, iconified modal, modal with form, with table, with remote path, with tabs, with WYSIWYG editor, large/small modals.
    • jGrowl notifications
    • Custom CSS3 animated loading spinners
    • Themed progress bars
    • Alerts and alert blocks
    • Contextual backgrounds and text colors
    • 4 direction tooltips
    • 4 direction popovers
    • jQuery UI datepicker
    • jQuery UI sliders set
    • Bootstrap color picker
    • Time picker
    • Themed labels and badges
    • Pagination: large, medium, small, left/center/right aligned, double.
    • Pager: boxed, unboxed.
    • Dropdown and dropup menus with 2 icon positions
    • Tabs and pills: default, justified, page tabs, toolbar tabs, iconified navs
    • Accordion and toggle groups
    • Nav lists
    • Stacked tabs and pills
    • Media groups: basic text and linked items
    • Panel heading options: buttons, labels, badges, icons, dropdowns, spinners etc.
    • Themed panels
    • Panels with additional elements
    • 2 navbar options: light and colored
    • Custom template and default Bootstrap navbar elements: links, buttons, dropdowns, forms etc.
    • Custom info blocks: charts, widgets, grid buttons, bars etc.
    • 850+ custom icon glyphs
    • Extended buttons: 6 colors, icon button, block button, 3 sizes, with dropdowns and dropups etc.
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Emphasys styles
    • List styles
    • Page header elements: progress bar, buttons, search input, selects, charts etc.
  • Template layouts:
    • Wide left sidebar (default tempate layout)
    • Wide right sidebar
    • Left narrow sidebar
    • Right narrow sidebar
    • Wide sidebar with left aligned icons
    • Collapsed by default sidebar
    • Fixed navbar
    • Horizontal navigation
    • Horizontal navigation with sidebar
    • Sidebar with disabled navigation items
  • Task manager:
    • Task grid
    • Table with tasks
    • Task detailed page: times, description, comments, Add comment form, assigned users, custom toolbars and info.
  • User options:
    • Team page: boxed, unboxed layouts and custom table with users
    • Contact list: list of users with chat layout, table with contacts.
    • User profile page with pills: activity, messages, user list, invoices etc.
  • Support related pages:
    • FAQ’s layout page: list of suestions/answers, search field, contact form.
    • Chat with tabs: user list as a tabs
    • Chat with contacts: user list with option buttons
    • Static tables: default, bordered, striped, condensed, inside and outside panel
    • Custom static tables: with table footer, with checkboxes, with toolbar, inside tabs, pre-scrollable
    • Custom table controls: labels, buttons, selects, button and icon groups, progress bars, multiselect, spinner, dropdowns
    • Dynamic tables: inside/outside panel, bordered, striped, striped and bordered, hover cells, condensed
    • Advanced datatables: with selectable rows, with pager, with tools menu, with columns filtering
  • Flot charts: horizontal and vertical bars, simple charts, animated charts, pie charts, auto updating charts etc.
  • Search page with search results
  • Invoice template: paid and pending
  • Table with list of invoices
  • 2 login pages: simple login page and login page with user profile image
  • Error pages:
    • 403 error
    • 404 error
    • 405 error
    • 500 error
    • Website is offline
    • Error page with sidebar
  • Blank pages:
    • Left wide sidebar
    • Right wide sidebar
    • Narrow sidebar
    • Collapsed sidebar by default
    • Full width page


Version 1.0 released

Version 1.1 released (March 25, 2014)

  • Added: – Boxed layout width fixed width
  • Fixed: – Right sidebar toggle issue
  • Fixed: – Sidebar overlap on small screens. Now it pushes content down
  • Fixed: – Narrow sidebar user menu image. Correct border radius
  • Fixed: – Fixed navbar sidebar issue. Sidebar appends to the navbar

Version 1.2 released (May 13, 2014)

  • Added: – Switch from wide sidebar to narrow sidebar
  • Added: – Offcanvas layout
  • Added: – Few more examples of new datatables plugin
  • Updated: – Main navigation accordion instead of toggle
  • Updated: – Datatables plugin to the latest version
  • Updated: – Minor visual changes
  • Updated: – Viewport to prevent scale on mobile devices
  • Fixed: – CSS issues (non-existing images, incorrect code)

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Comments (90)

July 15,2019
great template, i purchased your template, but logo psd is not included!
July 13,2019
Any chance of updating the calendar to Fullcalendar v2?
July 13,2019
Hello, I wonder if you have or plan to create a new angular(4) version of this admin template?
July 13,2019
One more question – do you know how to make the footer stay at the bottom of the page? When I don’t have enough content on the page, it gets pulled up instead of sticking to the bottom. Thanks
July 13,2019
I have a problem with validation for styled select box. When I submit form without select any option it’s shown an error. When I select an option, error message doesn’t disappear. There is a screenshot at below. Thank you
July 12,2019
do you have a jquery timeline or something similar planned for implementation?
July 12,2019
Nice theme Is there any chance that you can implement a Gantt chart – maybe something along the lines of this: jsgantt.com, with nestable/collapsible projectlist, name of project, start date, end date, and the gantt chart itself.
Is there any chance that you can implement something like that?
July 12,2019
On styles.css, there are some missing images:
July 12,2019
Any word on the update yet? Would really love to see the updated FullCalendar and the associated style changes.
July 12,2019
Nice admin panel, it seem that it will gather good sales. Well done.
July 11,2019
Hi, this is an amazin template.
Im lloking for a woring example of the fancybox lichtbox jquery plugin, but in the image and media gallery its not working, please I would like to know if you can put it here.
July 11,2019
Hello! How can i change validation parameter from “name” to some another, like a “rule”? in inputs. like
July 11,2019
Is there a change log for the 1.2 update?
July 10,2019
Hi there, great template! I wanted to ask if there was an update coming soon? On this page, there are a lot of great requests, such has the sidebar menu in mobile, which said would only take 2 weeks to update. However, its been over a month now and still no update. Just wanted to see if we could expect anything soon.
July 10,2019
I made some changes to datatable’s default settings, hope this helps:
July 10,2019
I love the tabs that you use on your template (http://demo.interface.club/londinium/navs.html) but I’d like to slightly modify them so that each tab stays next to each other on mobile, rather than moving into its own line when the screen is small. I always have a maximum of three tabs on my site so it would be beneficial to keep them side by side. Do you know how I can do this?
July 10,2019
Is it possible to adapt it for WP dashboard?
July 09,2019
????????????, ???????
??????? ?? ???? londinium. ????? ????????, ?????????? ?? ?? ???????? ???? ?????? Timeline: http://bit.ly/1SGpCgZ
July 09,2019
Hello, This looks nice and we’d like to use it on a rails project. Can I ask if you have used any ‘non-standard’ jquery caching or optimization tools? I’ve had some trouble in the past with admin templates that have tried to implement their own caching and loading strategies.
July 09,2019
If it possible to support datatables editor ?
July 08,2019
I’m moving all template previews to a new server, files are already transferred, waiting for DNS to update. Live previews will be available very shortly. Sorry for inconvenience.
July 08,2019
Is there any way to replace the icons in the navigation with sprite sheet icons and still keep the color/transition effects? Thanks
July 08,2019
Hi , very nice theme How can i display the Language bar on top and auto translate it using google website translator?
July 07,2019
Eugene, hello! I liked your template. You are planning to support? The last update was in May 0 4. You provide documentation available to the template?
July 07,2019
Have you gotten anything in place for adding dynamic tab’s or would you be able to suggest a plugin that you might have used in the past?
July 07,2019
Preview site is no longer working. Could just be for me but might be worth looking into.
July 07,2019
Hi Dear friend,
I’ve some problems with the fullcalendar used on template.
The more I pull away of 00:00 bigger are the difference of clicked hour comparing the received hour.
And recently on inspect i’ve received the message ” ‘Range.detach’ is now a no-op, as per DOM (http://dom.spec.whatwg.org/#dom-range-detach). ”
I don’t know if this is related with Londinium but u guys can help me?
July 06,2019
Hi, we purchased this theme thinking it could support switching between Narrow and Wide sidebars, but I just read the docs provided with the zip and it says it is not supported.
July 05,2019
I tested to mobile device Galaxy S3 .. Mobile browser opened web site but can’t see sidebar menu
July 05,2019
Would you be able to add support for Typeahead.js in the future? – https://twitter.github.io/typeahead.js/
July 05,2019
I want to report an error.
July 05,2019
Neat template! I Recommend you Kopyov
July 04,2019
When tapping on the form field on my iPhone5, the field becomes too large, forcing me to zoom back out and click on the field several times. Is there any way to change this so the fields work better on mobile (like when viewing nextdoor.com on mobile?)
July 03,2019
nice template but i’d like to stamp invoice in pdf. I think that now isn’t possible. thanks
July 03,2019
Good afternoon
I have a problem, I add 2 spinner-time but only one of the two text boxes making style, try it with this page form_components sample documentation.
The question is how can I add 2 or more spinner-time on my website?
July 02,2019
Dear Kopyov, Do you have any plan to add less files including in your package or i buy another theme ?
July 02,2019
Hi, nice template i have purchased.. but, when can we expect a updated version? When built-in with latest fullcalendar v2.5.0, bootstrap v3.3.6 ?
I would extend support if this template is up to date
July 02,2019
Is there an easy way to turn off the “Success” message when validating a form?
July 02,2019
Hi! I’d like to use some form elements to create a stand alone page. I’ve done this and it looks good. However, I’d like the page to not fill the screen. I can see where to “hack” the css to make it width:960px; margin:0 auto but wonder if there is a better way of doing it?
July 01,2019
Hi, do you have any ETA on an update which will contains LESS files?
July 01,2019
How can I have the header fixed while scrolling vertically?
July 01,2019
Good afternoon
This template includes example or documentation ?
I can use this template in my ASP.NET masterpage ?
July 01,2019
Where did you get that user images (avatars) used in demo?
July 01,2019
Very nice! Good luck
June 30,2019
At first i want to say big thanks to you for your great job on this beautiful script!
I’ve one question – i’m working with your template using ajax requests so i’ve one main page which dynamically load content from my site. But i’ve troubles with styled form elements like dropdowns, tags and radio buttons with. They don’t work if loaded throw ajax.
Maybe i need to call any function to initialize them after ajax content was loaded or to do smth else? Sorry for my English.
Thanks in advance and best wishes!
June 30,2019
Hello… I just bought this awesome theme, but, I found some issues on the styles.css.
June 29,2019
Hi – I have a question about the sticky navigation in this theme. Do you know how I can make one of my menu items “active” when selected? I’m using a sticky top navigation bar. The 1st li tag contains an icon that opens and closes the sidebar (class=”sidebar-toggle”). The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th li tags all automatically include the “active” class when selected because they simply link to a url. Any ideas on how to add the “active” class dynamically to the 1st li tag? Here’s my navigation bar:
June 29,2019
Wich license to Buy, in the case of a SaaS?
June 29,2019
When do you think you will have LESS files added to the plugin?
June 29,2019
HI there, I have a questions about the WYSIHTML5 editor; it is stripping classes when I use the plain text editor and I can’t find where to allow content. Do you happen to know what setting I’m referring to? Or perhaps the page where you get it form so I can do some research?
June 28,2019
There doesn’t seem to be a simple, styled select form control. I can have unstyled select. And select’s that are styled but require javascript. What about a simple, styled select with multiple options?
June 27,2019
Do you have any examples of a Mega Menu with this template. I have purchased pretty much all of your templates so far and it would be a great help.
June 27,2019
A great admin template! Very clear and responsive. Thanks for share with us. Waiting for more admin templates as this.
June 26,2019
First of all, thank you for this excellent template! It is really very cute and powerful. I have tried several other high-rated admin themes before, but your is the best.
I have 3 improvement ideas:
- The Spinner (overlay) feature is intended to “darken” the entire page for user while something is loading. It would be nice if you also add such functionality to panels, to “darken” either entire panel or .panel-body.
- There are very nice styled checkboxes and radios (for uniform plugin). They do use images for styling, but maybe there is a way to use pure CSS for them? That would also be fantastic for Retina screens.
- I also liked styled selects very much, but user should use Select2 plugin to get them working. Maybe there is a way to have a simple (without multiselect, search, etc.) styled select without it?
June 25,2019
I’ve compared a couple of admin templates from themeforest for my latest project, and londinium stands out by far so i bought the template. But now my project requires a fixed sidebar, i could not find it in the demo nor the documentation, can this be accomplished?
June 23,2019
Hello, great template you have here! Would it be possible to include an example of ajax loading data tables? Thanks.
June 22,2019
I’ve found a slight bug with your Select2’s on your form_components.html page. First go to the Selects area on that page, open the “Select with Search” combobox, then just type “C” into the combo’s search box. If you then scroll to the bottom of the page, under the footer, you can see “use the arrow keys to navigate.” creeping out from under the left sidebar. If you keep messing with those Selects, that message will change and grow and sometimes show the item selected.
June 22,2019
Hey bud just a suggestion, whenever you’re using any non-local resources like jquery or google fonts don’t declare the “http:// or https://" just leave it as ”//” and google and the jquery CDN that you are pointing to will automatically deliver the appropriate content in the needed protocol, otherwise you’ll end up with content not being delivered if someone’s using an SSL cert since you declared http: which will result in the out of the box theme breaking.
June 22,2019
Noticed a bug. Using an iphone 5, if you click the task nav button, then the navigation button, the task nav overlaps.
June 21,2019
I’ve been using another template and want to change to this great template.
June 21,2019
I have issues with dynamic created radiobuttons as well.
Did try $(’.styled’).uniform(); -trick from gitarist and it actually will activate labels and buttons but outfit remains as native radio style.
June 20,2019
I will add a +1 for moving to collapsed sidebar (icon) only in screen sizes like table portrait or narrower (removing it at phone-portrait widths).
June 20,2019
Really excited about inclusion of LESS as that will help the performance of this template on our site (namely by easily excluding what we don’t use).
June 19,2019
Hi any advise of how to keep open the navigation sidebar on click a link?
June 19,2019
Not sure if it’s just me, but I’d really appreciate an inline form (for searching, for example).
June 19,2019
This admin template looks really cool! Good luck with the sales!
June 19,2019
I bought this theme a while ago and it’s great but when I view the site on my iPhone, it’s not mobile optimized. It doesn’t display the correct mobile optimized screen size. It just shows a small version of the desktop site. Have other people had this problem with the site not resizing correctly?
June 19,2019
Looking at the live preview, it seems that you have a bug with the sidebar. Once it’s been hidden using the menu button in the top bar, when I try to show it again, the vertical space appears where the sidebar should go but the sidebar does not.
June 18,2019
IT would be nice to get some matching “panel-footer” classes and such.
June 18,2019
Hello, I like this theme but can I display table rows line-by-line when they the appear on small resolutions like this example: http://acmdemo.deadpixelstudio.co.uk/clients ? (Try to resize or use your mobile to see how it looks and table rows are displayed in separate lines)
June 18,2019
Nice one Gen! Good luck with it!
June 17,2019
Do you have a way to make the sidebar navigation dropdown retract when opening other dropdowns? Instead of simply opening every dropdown that was clicked and pushing links down.
June 16,2019
I sent you PM can you please check and reply?
June 15,2019
Considering buying this theme, but by the looks of it the author is reluctant to release the less source files, which severely limits the theme’s adaptability . Can we have a definitive answer as to whether these files will become available?
June 15,2019
I am trying to hide/show a div but the code is not working , i have tested in stand alone i.e without the theme it is working fine.
June 13,2019
Hi, do you have this theme with SASS files instead of LESS
June 13,2019
I want to get show the data’s in from another site.(samples: http://tweepsmap.com/ and http://sociograph.io/ and https://pro.iconosquare.com/)
In this template(Londinium) instead photo link and infographics can you put it? So I import data from other sites. Can we do this the data transfer?
June 12,2019
I wasn’t sure where to go for support; however, the sliders don’t work on mobile. Can you assist?
June 12,2019
Hello Kopyov , i love your theme. I was having some issues integrating Angular Js with this template. could you give me a few pointers or a resource to work with on this.
After importing Jquery and the Angular js scripts the template javascript modules no longer work as well.
June 11,2019
Hi Kopyov,
I’ve bought your wordpress theme Londinium and when I tried to install it, a message appeared telling that the theme can’t be installed due to the style.css archive were not found.
Could you help me? please
June 10,2019
Had a Question about the Grids. Do you have an example of a Master / Detail for your Grids. If not I can trying to figure something out.
June 10,2019
Hello, could you put links to the specific new features of the 1.2 version?
Thank you.
June 10,2019
Thanks for the amazing theme, it’s really great.
June 09,2019
Hello, is this theme updated yet ? Because I see your comment 3 months ago you will update this with newer component.
June 08,2019
Hi, this is probably an amateur question, but how do I update my site with your latest updates without overwriting what I have? Do people use a program to check the difference in code? Thanks!
June 07,2019
Awesome design! Would like a mail layout on it as well.
June 07,2019
I am trying to incorporate this cool theme into a VS 2013 site.master file. I am getting a run-time error in application.js on the reference to .datatable.
0×800a01b6 – Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object doesn’t support this property or method
June 07,2019
good afternoon
I have a problem with the levels of navigation, which comes in the package open some sample pages and levels of navigation options do not work, when I wear my application design is the same.
June 06,2019
I bought this theme a while ago, and I guess something in chrome has changed, becuase panels are looking weird. On some panels there’s a 1 pixel white border. It shows on the live prview aswell.
June 05,2019
Hi, Your Template Looking Great. IE8 Also Working Fine. You will add Compatible Browsers IE8 also.